List of Anti-Asian Male Movies

[579] films, unless stated otherwise, fail to pass the AMDb Test. All your favorites, cultural landmarks, and major hits are here. Red films are either severely offensive, well-known, or curious entries. Check out the lists for TV shows and video games as well.  


Ghost in the Shell 2017

The film opens with Scarjo’s character, “The Major,” killing hordes of lineless, mechanical Asian-male criminals with grotesque-looking facial enhancements (dehumanization, de-indivualization). Which is exactly what she did in Lucy. Just like “Beatrice” did in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 before her. Mind you, this is a scene that was used for promotional materials and sold the movie to audiences. As the fight ends, one of the Asian male assassins tries to kill himself (stereotype), but is killed first by “Batou,” a white male. Later on in the movie, The Major beats up another Asian man when she escapes the “Hanko” facility. It seems like Scarjo, like Uma Thurman, may have a fetish for taking roles beating up Asian men. Who wants a man that gets beat up by the opposite sex?

Asian male heterosexuality is also demonized in this film. In the Yakuza club, Asian men with grotesque facial enhancements handcuff The Major to a stripper pole. A creepy Yakuza boss (with the same enhancements) admires and touches her. When she strikes back, an evil Asian man tazes her with a sadistic smile. He keeps tazing her for fun. The Major, again, beats up/kills more evil Asian men while Batou does the same. This sequence includes a scene involving a urinal joke about a transgender Asian man (who also has grotesque facial enhancements). (I am not anti-trans, but this is just another poke at the Straight Asian Male Identity by Hollywood who weaponizes transgender representation against Asian masculinity.)

In a different scene, while The Major and Batou are walking, a grotesque-looking cyborg Asian man asks The Major, “Hey sweetheart, want an update?” (sexually creepy, organ-dealing stereotypes) to which “Batou” white-male-knights, “Back off!” (For more examples of Asian men getting punished for being straight, see: Fargo, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ghost in the Shell, LucyWolverine, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Now You See Me 2, Office Christmas Party, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.)

Other observations: A room full of half-naked Asian men are in a room watching porn; An Asian man is strangled by one of the geisha-bots in the opening sequence; Asian male “Togusa” is a human-supermacist jerk in this film (why name the character “Togusa” if he’s nothing like the original? Also, trope of the Asian male bigot); An Asian man is forcefully bringing an Asian girl somewhere in the digital vision proceeding the introduction of “Kuze” (Asian Male Misogyny Myth); The Major’s real name is “Mira Killian,” and her mother is Japanese. Meaning that The Major is actually a half-Asian woman killing hordes of full Asian men (trope); The Evil Japanese company (trope) is… owned by white men for some reason; Asian man stored in plastic bag (ctrl+f Asian Male Body Horror).

This movie is adapted from the Japanese movie/manga of the same name.

Death Note 2017

Within the first five minutes of the opening, an Asian male kid with glasses gets beat up and is called a “little bitch” by white males. This presents an opportunity for how “moral” the main character’s love interest, “Mia Sutton,” is when she intercedes (trope of an Asian man being used as a tool for white character development; objectification).

The movie also features an evil Asian male dictator’s head exploding. Main protagonist “Light” and Mia choose to kill him while making out.

In another scene, you see a Japanese nightclub filled with dead Asian male criminals (and Asian women) who are hinted as being sexual deviants. They were used as literal pawns by L to find out more information about Light (objectification).

“Watari,” assistant of “L,” is a creepy Asian man with an accent (Perpetual Foreigner) and glasses (stereotype). He is L’s manservant who picks up after L, is emotionless and talks in Confucianisms. Later on in the movie, he is literally mind-controlled and turns on his master (as just another tool; objectification). He is eventually gunned down (Asian guy always dies trope).

In the school dance sequence, mixed-Asian male “Brandon” is used as an unwitting decoy to trick law enforcement (objectification). Light and Sutton make Brandon look like Light. Because Brandon has to “dance” with her, Light slaps him. When Light comes back to the two, he forcefully pushes Brandon aside and dances with Sutton.

Other observations: Japanese male detective speaks Japanese and has glasses (stereotypes); At least three more Asian men with glasses in various scenes (crowd, father’s accouncement, dance); Asian male cook (stereotype) gets shoved by L during a chase scene; Asian male newscaster used as device to show how far-reaching Light’s impact has been around the globe, since Asian men are the farthest thing from Western civilization (ctrl+f “farthest”). After this man is shown, the movie cuts to Mia laughing; Asian male underling reports to white superior and the latter dies immediately; Bonus.

This movie is adapted from the Japanese manga series of the same name. Thanks, Netflix.

Get Out 2017

I was on board with this movie, as I totally support its goals, but that was up until the scene with “Hiroki Tanaka” came on screen.

Through Tanaka, the film depicts Asian men as being 1) a perpetual foreigner, done through giving him a Japanese last and first name, as well as giving him a thick accent; 2) unabashedly racist, to the point where he’s at a slave auction (myths of Asian anti-blackness and the model minority); 3) conventionally unattractive; 4) the only character in his introductory scene without a sexual/romantic partner (a.k.a. emasculation), and 5) implied to be envious of The Black Penis (emasculation again).

It’s unfortunate to see so many Af-Am-male voices, in order to be heard, be wrapped in a anti-Asian/Asian-male message. This is rampant in films like Black Dynamite, Do The Right ThingThe Man with the Iron Fists, etc. Black-ish is also problematic; in its episode about police brutality, an Asian man was used to represent it (yeah, because we own all the institutions. Mhm.) Of course white media lapped all of it up. Not only this, but rapper YG’s suggestion to rob Asians because they’re weak targets, Childish Gambino’s verse regarding having beef with an Asian guy because he stole his girl, Chris Rock’s jab at Asians just existing, and Steve Harvey snub Asian men are disturbing as well. POC should be working together.

It’s perplexing because Asian men did not do anything to oppress African American men in history and in the present day. Yet Asian men get caught in the crossfire for unjustifiable reasons. (And fuck this movie for also referencing that piece of shit Eyes Wide Shut, which depicted Japanese men as being small, makeup-wearing, and pedophiliac. Because Asian men are the ones who go to poor Western countries to start pedophilia rings. Riiiight.)

Kong: Skull Island 2017

“Camera’s way more dangerous than a gun.” 

The opening scene of this movie is a Japanese and American pilot squaring off on an island in the South Pacific. The evil Jap trope is overdone here; the Jap is shown to sadistically enjoy causing pain to the American soldier. Completely unnecessary. Just more propaganda. You find out later that the Jap was killed by a monster.

You then have an obligatory white male lead (Hiddleston) who beats up tiny, sneaky Asian men with a pool cue. The Asian language is also an implied object of comedy here. Happens very early in the film.

On the actual island, Asian men are represented to be short savages ruled by a white male/the pilot from the opening (read this thread for symbols of racial emasculation). In one trailer, all the men are shorter than a woman. And as expected, an Asian female is one of the good guys.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

We all know Marvel hates Asian men. In all their comics and shows, almost all the villains are just Asian male ninjas (even Iron Man’s archnemesis is an AMWF hapa male). In this movie, a conventionally unfit Asian (Filipino) male with a bad haircut is juxtaposed with the super-fit white male hero Peter Parker. “Ned Leeds” (really just “Ganke Lee”) practically begs Peter to be his sidekick or “guy in the chair,” since all Asian men must know their place. He is constantly screwing things up for Peter, unconfident, opportunistic and a “loser.”

Near the start of the movie, Peter bashes an Asian man’s head against the man’s own car because Peter mistook him for a robber. The Asian man has long hair (feminization) and is never given an apology. In the ferry scene, The Vulture bashes an Asian male criminal’s head against a car. He is also shoved by another white male before this (I wonder if that was even part of the script). Later on in the movie, an Thai male waiter with long hair (feminization) creepily winks at Aunt May and flirts with her (anti-Asian male heterosexuality).

Other observations: The Asian boy you see playing chess in the middle of the movie comes back near the end of the film as comic relief when he interrupts an important, emotional moment as he flushes and comes out of the bathroom stall. The principal is a stereotypically austere Asian man. Some of the robbers at the bank could be Asian males.

Blade Runner 2049 2017 – Odd-looking (desexualization) old (asexulization) Asian man with strange eyes “does a white woman’s nails” (feminization) (source: NextShark from r/RacismAgainstAsians). There is also a mechanical element to his appearance (dehumanization, commodification). Just think of all the intentional work that went into making this racist scene. Main villain (white male) is dressed like an Asian man (see anti-Asian male Blade Runner [1982]).
Resident Evil: Afterlife
2017 – “Commander Chu” is a high-level henchman to main antagonist of the movie. Fights white woman then gets shot. Chained up to a vehicle and left as food for zombies. Released in 2017 in the U.S.
John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 – Keanu’s character kills two Asian men with a pencil (as advertised) in the most violent and gratuitous way possible. Revels in Asian-male-gore (See: John Wick [2014], Street Kings [2008]). The film also features an Asian male assassin who is extremely overweight (sumo stereotype). (Note that there is nothing wrong with being overweight; it is however, a trait that is understood to be negative by society, and it is used against Asian men in the film.)
Logan 2017 – Asian man cast as confused valet who gets told what to do by white male protagonist. In his first scene, he gets zero lines. In his next scene, Logan throws a piece of paper at him, ignores him and just walks away while the valet tries to ask him a question. Other scenes: Near the beginning, an Asian male is one of the obnoxious teens yelling “USA” near the Mexican border. Bonus: Japanese sword hanging from The Wolverine’s wall is a reference to The Wolverine (2013), one of the most anti-Asian-male movies of all time.
The Fate of the Furious 2017 – One of the main antagonist terrorist’s (white female) henchman is an East Asian-male tech operator (villification). The white female gives him harsh orders and he subserviently does her bidding (emasculation). At one point, he literally does a little head bow after she yells “Hack ’em all!” (stereotypes). They also chose an actor with highlights (otherization) (for Happy Death Day, creators gave the Asian male actor highlights). Additionally, “Luke Hobbs,” played by The Rock (African/Somoan) clotheslines an Asian male during the prison break scenes. Bonus: Note the airplane scene where a white male reprimands and beats a man, who could possibly be Southeast Asian, for shooting at a baby. The henchman turns out to have shat his pants. This is the first film since the second to be directed by a non-Asian male. I guess this is what happens when you let a non-Asian man behind the wheel. (Also see the entries for the first, third, sixth, and seventh films of this franchise.)
Baby Driver 2017 – Asian-male criminal is killed off for making a mistake (Asian guy always dies trope) (source). He is also made to deliver a quasi-Yellow Peril joke (source: r/aznidentity). In a Facebook trailer, there was also a random incapacitated criminal at whom one of the characters threw a grenade. He looked either Asian or Latino (will be confirmed).
Guardians 2017 – Avengers knock-off. Protagonist kills a bunch of Agent Smith-type of Asian Men. Well, because Asian men are a monolith of worthless beings. They love it so much over there, that they made a trailer out of it a selling point.
Fist Fight 2017 – Asian male cast as “Scrawny Kid.”
Ingrid Goes West 2017 – White male mocks Asian male (source: r/aznidentity).
Sandy Wexler 2017 – Adam Sandler movie. Random Asian landscaper is called “Yoshi.” It’s clear that the speaker doesn’t actually know landscaper (source: r/aznidentity). Thanks, Netflix. (See: “Yoshi” in Robin Williams movie One Hour Photo.)
War Machine
2017 – “Tony Song” directed to look goofy. He is awkwardly placed to the left and away from all the other soldiers. Otherization of an Asian male. Thanks, Netflix.
What Happened to Monday 2017 – Incompetent Asian male henchman killed by white female lead. Later, you see an Asian male security guard working for the evil C.A.B. In the opening sequence showing various crowds, the Asian crowd is accentuated visually while a voiceover begins to talk about overpopulation. Thanks, Netflix.
Security 2017 – One of the Asian males, played by Jiro Wang, dies (Asian guy always dies trope) (source: r/aznidentity). Another Asian male, played by Cung Le, is predictably a bad guy.
Life 2017 – Asian man silently watches as everyone else discusses ways to solve the situation/save their fellow crew member. White man also jokes about said Asian man being cuckolded. This is all from just trailers. Normally, a trailer alone does not warrant a place on the list; however: Found this Asian-male report on the film, will be confirming the contents of the report in due time. This entry is a placeholder. (See Sunshine (2007), that also has the same Asian actor.)
xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 – First Asian man we see is an old man working at a Chinese restaurant (stereotype). The second Asian man we see is a robber, who is comedically vanquished by a soccer ball (villainization, emasculation). The casting of Chinese stars Kris Wu and Donnie Yen (as a villain, no less) is an attempt to pander to mainland China. If they actually cared about Asian men, they would have hired Asian-American actors. Once again, Asian men are villains. Antiheros, yes, but we are only tolerable as villains.
Colossal 2017 – Comedy monster-disaster movie set in Seoul. It’s so funny seeing a bunch of terrified Asian dudes running around, isn’t? Another movie about white people with POC as collateral. Released 2017.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2017 – There ‘s a stereotypical Asian guy called “Kung-Fu George” who teaches Arthur martial arts. Uhm… what?
Transformers: The Last Knight 2017 – “Daytrader” (Buscemi) tells stereotypical Samuraibot “Drift” (Watanabe), “I barely understand what’s coming out of your mouth.”
Happy Death Day 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. In what appears to be the opening of the film, a sole Asian man’s awkwardness is contrasted with two white characters who’ve had sex the night before. Reminds of the anti-Asian-male scenes from (500) Days of Summer and Pitch Perfect. Brought to you by the people that made Get Out. Not surprised. The scene was completely unnecessary. They always gotta squeeze these jabs in there. The trailer was one of YouTube’s top-trending videos. The actor also has highlights (otherization) (see: The Fate of the Furious). Let’s see what the full film is like.
The Greatest Showman 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Asian men are represented by Siamese twins and a little person (video). They are based on real people, but that doesn’t change the fact that Asian men can only be represented negatively. *I am not saying there’s anything wrong with those who are not of the physical norm. I can sympathize since little people and those with other “deformities” who often get mocked and dehumanized by Hollywood (although at nowhere near the scale and intensity of Asian men). I am simply stating that having an “abnormal” appearance is something society deems “negative,” and that Asian men can only be represented when their depiction is “negative.” Meanwhile, white people and other non-Asian-males get great representation.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. I will try to find out if the henchmen here and here are Asian male. At least one of the henchman here are Asian males: you can see the Asian food cart.
The Foreigner 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Jackie Chan stars in the Perpetual Foreigner: The Movie. Not to mention the desexualization via geriatrification. We’ll see how this goes.
Killing Hasselhoff 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Trailer here. Ken did the same eye joke in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009). (For more Asian male eye jokes, see Minority Report, Blade Runner, Slow West, Push, Blindness, Cars 2, Big Short, Rogue One, Men in Black 3, Hancock, The Man with the Iron Fists, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, etc.)
Ni’ihau TBA – Story about a Hawaiian man who rescues a Japanese pilot during WWII (see: Kong: Skull Island [2017]). The Hawaiian man and his wife kill the Japanese man in the end after the Japanese man tries to takeover the island. The Hawaiian gets rewarded by the U.S. Lmao at Deadline shoehorning in how the takeover is what made FDR execute the internment of the Japanese (that’s bullshit btw). And yeah, a blue-eyed white man is set to play the Hawaiian. Lol. I can already hear it. “It’s a true story so there’s no way it can be racist!” People forget even documentaries have authorial intent and design.
Little America TBA – Universal funds Michael Bay’s dystopia-film of how America defaults all debts and China now controls America (Yellow Peril). Story is about an American soldier saving an Asian woman (see: Safe [2012]). Let’s see how that plays out. (Also see films like Olympus Has Fallen [2013] and Red Dawn [2012] and games franchises such as Homefront, COD, Battlefield, Fallout, and ARMA.)


Arrival 2016

This is just some of that good old, Anti-China propaganda, Hollywoood trash. As expected from Hollywood–The West’s greatest propaganda machine–China is shown to be an aggressor, in no doubt to fuel sinophobia in the US and elsewhere. Geopolitically speaking, China would never behave like this, but I stoking fears of Russia was an 80’s thing. The inclusion of geopolitics in the film, while making the short story better suited to be a blockbuster, is insulting.

The film features the creepy “General Shang” which seems like to be a dig against the originator of the film’s story, (Ted) Chiang. Too similar to think it wasn’t intentional or subconscious disrespect. His wife is also dead (trope of Asian man with lost lover).


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016

The first Asian male (Donnie Yen of Ip Man fame) I see is a blind monk with an accent who talks in Confucianisms. I mean, it’s a Western movie. And they always have to fuck up the eyes (this, of course, is just a part of the long-standing Hollywood tradition: see Minority Report [2002], Blade Runner [1982], Kill Bill: Volume 1 [2003], Blindness [2008], Push [2009], Slow West [2015], Constantine [2005], Big Short [2015], Hancock [2008], Cars 2 [2011], TV shows like Sherlock, etc. Yen’s request for his character to be blind shouldn’t have been honored.)

Third Asian male I see gets no dialogue in the back. Okay.

Fourth Asian male I see is, conventionally-speaking, an unattractive pilot that gets 3 seconds of speaking-time yelling for help and then gets blown up by a masked TIE fighter. (A bit after, a conventionally attractive Asian female pilot gets a line and survives. No surprise there on the disparity of Asian representation). A very sly move but I caught it (These casting directors are getting sneakier and sneakier).

A bunch of Muslim-surrogates also get some bad representation, basically all POC featured die, and “white” main characters die romantically in the “sunset.”

Typical Hollywood, Western trash. POC, do not let “diversity” fool you. It’s just a sly way of killing more POC on-screen while pandering to get the dim-witted POC in America and mostly abroad out there to pay money to see it. You have been warned for the millionth time (see Star Wars: Force Awakens).

Silence 2016

“I’m just a foreigner who brought disaster.”

Silence (2016) is a film about a white “savior” who aims to keep the word of The “White” Savior alive in Japan. He, like all other Western invaders, only ends up creating much more suffering in the world than is necessary, in part due to his delusions of grandeur, asking himself “WWJD?” every step of the way while trying to bring a 2000-year-old fairy tale/facilitative instrument of Western colonization to the shores of the island nation.

Obstructing “The Padre” in his quest is a sadistic, buck-toothed Jap whose voice is so nasally annoying and accent so stereotypical, he must be evil and represent all Japs in all his monstrous caricature. This is all, of course, hilariously ironic in that the real evil ones are colonizers, not the natives. It’s crucial to remember that the Portuguese weren’t angels themselves. They gave their Japanese slaves to other slaves. Look it up.

This sequel(?) to Unbroken (2014), and 2 millionth film where Asian men are villains, does an excellent job of portraying “Them” as being misogynistic, unknowing of love, unfeeling, overly talkative, desperate for salvation, unruly, untrustworthy, greedy, lying, corrupt, barbaric, cruel, clumsy, servile, traitorous, bigoted, envious of the white man’s stature, uncouth, cowardly, miserable, deserving of disembodiment, and offensive to the eyes, nose, and ears. Most of the time, the Asian actors are even positioned lower than Garfield (see Hacksaw Ridge [2016]) in the frame.

The Padre also gets an Asian wife and the whole shebang. (See: Satan Never Sleeps [1962]).

Now, Scorcese is no stranger to being racist against Asian men, as he did so twice on his adaptation of a Chinese work, The Departed (2006), which save for those anti-Asian-male moments, was a great film (also in The Wolf of Wall Street [2013], Casino [1995], and Goodfellas [1990]). But the attempt here was just so comical in terms of its excess. Well, in some perverse way, at least it wasn’t as anti-Japanese-male as The Wolverine (2013). Also note that Silence is an adaptation of a Japanese novel.

Deadpool 2016 – Movie says Chinese are ugly (Chinatown scene) and gore pornography of an Asian man’s death (opening scene). Elaborating on the latter, Asian man is dragged on the highway and splattered in the end. It also looks like he is the first person to die in this movie (Asian guy always dies first trope). Typical Hollywood and their sickening base… And not surprising that T.J. Miller thinks ‘ironic racism’ is a thing (according to IGN interview). He’s also in that piece of shit, anti-Asian-male show Silicon Valley. Which, considering the actual Silicon Valley, makes sense. Bonus: Miller actually said “Hey, look, Asians aren’t supposed to be this entitled in the United States.”
Sausage Party 2016 – Seth Rogen and his “edgy” goons make a movie where Chinamen are slanty-eyed bottles of soy sauce with Asian Faces and Accents. “Equal-opportunity” racism doesn’t exist since the races don’t stand on equal ground, dipshit.

Doctor Strange 2016

Rated MRAAM for Mild Racism Against Asian Men (18 fucking counts). And fuck this movie for the whitewashing and the tacked-on, stereotypical role they gave to Wong. He gets tricked, he’s awkward, just comic relief, etc.

(And fuck all of Marvel’s shit TV shows; it’s just white people killing off droves of Asian men.)

Birth of the Dragon 2016 – Story of Bruce Lee somehow becomes a story about a white man saving an Asian woman from misogynist Asian men (source). This sidelining of an Asian-male icon is unacceptable. The movie also tries to paint Asians as being anti-white (white fragility) (source: r/aznidentity).
Hacksaw Ridge 2016 – White men vs. Sinister Japs! They are extremely dehumanized and depicted as evil; near the end, they pretend to surrender but actually ambush the Americans. Compare that with the angelic white-male protagonist that doesn’t even carry a gun to war. He even saves one of the evil Japs. Dude was even given a medal by Harry “Atom Bomb” Truman. Oscar-nominated. You know what’s really interesting about the Oscars? It’s controlled by Asians who are anti-black!
Come Together 2016 – A short film by Wes Anderson. Conventionally unattractive, small, and old Asian actor was cast (Desexualization). He is depicted to be absolutely clueless, and the only one who has this depiction. Only there for comedic effect.

Now You See Me 2 2016

They make a big deal about Chinese henchmen being outwitted. They get their asses beat. Characters visit a stereotypical mystical magic shop run by the Chinese.

A white woman reprimands one Chinese henchman preemptively, fearing he’ll take her bra off for her at a security checkpoint. Part of a long list of films that eschew the idea of Asian male straightness (e.g., Fargo, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ghost in the Shell, LucyWolverine, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Office Christmas Party, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016 – An accented Asian guy, a black guy, and an alien try to destroy America. Asian guy works under alien, and is later frozen by him. Brought to you by Michael Bay. Also, fuck Will Arnett and anti-Asian-male (William Hung, Ahn-Young) show Arrested Development.
Suicide Squad 2016 – Japanese-speaking Asian Yakuza gangsters are killed by an Asian woman. Only the Asian woman is part of the main cast. And of course her husband is dead/out of the picture.
Ride Along 2 2016 – Ken Jeong plays a hacker, the role only being there to mock Asian men. Only Asian male character mocked at as being asexual, irrelevant, and subservient to “real” men. Contrast with Asian female character who is depicted like a human being. Read more at Kulture.
Office Christmas Party 2016 – Asian man gets rejected by (white) woman because he is a sexual deviant. Reminiscent of films that punish Asian men for expressing their heterosexuality (see: Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future PastGhost in the Shell, LucyNow You See Me 2, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Fargo, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.)
Central Intelligence 2016 – Kevin Hart’s character talks about how Asian men have small dicks (source).
The Gate 2016 – White woman beats up and brutally kills Asian man (again). Asian man is implied to be abusive to his daughter and has locked up a white female who tries to kills herself to get out of the situation (Evil Asian Man trope, Asian Male Patriarchy stereotype). Short film. (Also see: Lucy [2014], Everly [2014], Kill Bill: Vol. 1 [2003], No Escape [2015], Beyond Rangoon [1995], etc.)
The Great Wall 2016 – White savior. Cus Asian men cannot save themselves. Sidenote: Lmao.
Magnificent 7 2016 – In this adaptation of an adaptation of a Japanese film, Lee Byung-Hun plays a white man’s knife-wielding lapdog (see: Unleashed). Remember that Lee Byung-Hun also gets treated like dog shit in Hollywood.

The Edge of Seventeen 2016

Don’t drink piss just because it isn’t shit. Bad representation of Asian men. Asian character is an awkward (stereotype) pushover who is simply a financial safety net (Model Minority Myth) for the protagonist girl when it doesn’t work out with the white male she is really attracted to. The relationship between the two is non-physical. People cry that it’s all good because he gets the girl in the end. So does Long Duk Dong.

She makes stereotypical assumptions about him, which he says are completely fine, making audiences feel that Asian men are pushovers who’ll gladly accept racist remarks.

The Accountant 2016 – Asian criminal sniper dies after being ordered around by white superior.
Kubo and the Two Strings 2016 – Main antagonist is evil Asian man. It’s pure Hollywood creation, since the stories not even based on anything (source). The protagonist, who’s missing an eye (wink), is voiced by a non-Asian boy.
Paterson 2016 – Japanese guy living in the U.S. has accent is so thick, it needs subtitles (otherization).
La La Land 2016 – Fashion designer berates subservient Asian male assistant. Gosling’s character also uses the verb “Shanghai,” which is outdated and originates from Yellow Peril.
War Dogs 2016 – Asian man selling weapons (villainization) and is an outsider in the conference room where most white men are sitting down (otherization). Deliberate choice.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 – Asian criminal guy dies and is only there to die.

Star Trek: Beyond 2016

Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity. Hollywood cannot tolerate a straight, sexual Asian man. Strategy devised by Simon Pegg. Even George Takei himself has issue with it. Star Trek also has anti-Asian-male roots (see: Vulcans who are very Asian-like [source: r/hapas], and “Khan” which is Yellow Peril).

(See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Entourage, Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)

Kickboxer: Vengeance
2016 – Semi-white-washing via casting of Dave Bautista. Again, the “Asian” man here is the primary antagonist to be killed. At least they didn’t apply ocular prosthetics and yellow-face like they did in some of the other Kickboxer movies. (See: Kickboxer [1989], Kickboxer 2 [1991], Kickboxer 3 [1992], Kickboxer 4 [1994].)
The Asian Connection 2016 – Fuck Steven Seagal. Just fuck that guy.
Army of One 2016 – Near the beginning, in the department store, conventionally unattractive Asian man is cast.
Norm of the North 2016 – This film does not add to the list count. Ken Jeong plays the main villain “Mr. Greene/McGreed” who is presumably white but looks somewhat Asian. He is also a clear Asiaphile: the door to his office is a yin-yang symbol, he has Chinese calligraphy on his wall, and he wears a hair tie emblazoned with the yin-yang sign. This creates subliminal connections between greediness and the Oriental. Ken Jeong has also been the main antagonist in several other movies such as the Hangover films, Rapture-Palooza, Furry Vengeance and Role Models. Bonus: The titular Norm is played by Rob Schneider.
Ghostbusters 2016 This film does not add to the list count. Tazi driver that Dan Akroyd cameos as says, “I don’t go to Chinatown.” Since when did taxis have off-limit zones?
Warcraft 2016 – This film does not add to the list count. Inscrutable Fu-Manchu-type, mystic character with accent. However, also note that the main villain Orc of the whole movie is played by Daniel Wu lmao. That’s just pandering to Chinese audiences in the worst way.


The Big Short 2015

Gosling’s character presents to the other protagonists his Asian “quant.” Essentially a human calculator (dehumanization, stereotype). Look at how flustered and confused the Asian male is directed to look. “Look at his eyes, look at his face,” his handler says. Can you imagine any other race being treated like that on film? Gosling’s character also keeps lying that his “quant” doesn’t speak English, when in fact, he does, and also gets his name wrong (Perpetual Foreigner).

The “quant” himself saying that he does speak English and Carrell’s character saying that the eyes comment was “racist” absolutely does not excuse this garbage. Once again, you had every stereotype thrown in the book to mock Asian men and to make him an object of comedy. And as you saw, Paramount Pictures uses this as a selling point for their film. Additionally, the racist man (Gosling) is also the narrator of the film. The guy you hold hands with is a racist piece of shit.

Also, consider the scene where Pitt nods to the strange Asian man wearing a face mask in the trailer for the film (something that mainland Asians do but in the film is used to otherize Asian men).

Also, consider the depiction of Asian bond manager Wing Chau as an evil guy who fucks people over. What is with this movie and Asian men?

Star Wars: Force Awakens 2015 – The only Asian men (except one) to appear are criminal bounty hunters who get eaten up by an alien monster. The Irish bounty hunters speak normal English. The voice of the Asian men were digitally altered to sound more alien, and they speak an alien language. Even other aliens speak English (see: Men in Black 3, The Day the Earth Stood Still [2008], etc.)
Slow West 2015 – I really did not expect an Asian man to be in this film. It’s a Western set in the late 1800’s. But lo and behold, the only Asian man in the film is a villainous Chinese. Before he gets shot in the face (a fate no other character experiences), he pokes a hole in the paper window and peeks in. He is shot in the eye. Hollywood loves making in-jokes regarding Asian-male eyes (see: Minority Report, Blade Runner, Slow West, Push, Blindness, Cars 2, Big Short, The Man with the Iron Fists, HancockRogue One, etc.)
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 2015 – Features Yellowface of Asian men. Huge portion of the film takes place during the opera Turandot, which features several Asian men in Yellowface. Includes several scenes of a man in Yellowface singing “Nessun Dorma,” among other numbers. I wonder why they chose this specific opera… But predictably, a real Asian woman is with of the good guys.
Terminator Genisys 2015 – Asian man is a literal speechless, robot villain. (See: Robocop 3.)

No Escape 2015

Another contender, starring Owen Wilson, for one of the worst Asian male representations out there:

In one scene Asian men try to rape a white woman (Yellow Peril), but our protagonists manage to kill them off. The woman later kills an Asian man (emasculation).

Generally speaking, Asians cause a lot of problems. It’s because of leaders and rebels that a good ol’ American company has to shut down (Yellow Peril). The behavior of corrupt leaders lead to rebels who cause even more chaos. The rebels, because they are Asian, have no morals, and kill hordes of innocent people, both native and white (dehumanization) (source). (S.O. to redditor from r/asianmasculinity who recommended this film.)

The whole film is just anti-Asian-male porn.

Jurassic World 2015 – Asian guy soldier-dude dies (he has to!). Also, Asian-male scientist fucks everything up for everybody.
Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 – Asian woman gets lines, Asian guys get killed. Asian women loves the white man, white men saves Asian men. Typical.

Spectre 2015

Your introduction Asian men in this movie is in the form of several evil henchman and criminals at the Spectre meeting (everyone no less, is subservient to the primary white-male antagonist). One of them has long gray hair (reminiscent of “Fukutu” in Casino Royale [2006]). The main, one-dimensional, brute henchman “Mr. Hinx” is also a Filipino hapa (see: “Oddjob,” “Nick Nack”).

In another scene, Bond asks what is most likely an Asian serviceman to press his clothes for him, to which he is answered, “Yes, sir.”

When Bond escapes the main antagonist’s base, an Asian henchman is shot.

“Mandarin” is also used to denote something incomprehensible, which is a trope that reinforces and relies on the idea that the farthest thing from Western civilization is the Orient. Note that the James Bond franchise began with Dr. No, a story of Yellow Peril.

This one’s kinda mild, actually. See: Die Another Day (2002), Dr. No (1964), You Only Live Twice (1967), Skyfall (2012), Goldfinger (1964), License to Kill (1989), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), Casino Royale (2006).

Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest 2015 – Kids’ movie featuring Yellow Peril in the form of main villain Dr. Zin. This is the exact same character from the 60’s cartoon Johnny Quest and has made appearances in many Adult Swim animations. Keeping the tradition going, I suppose.
Entourage 2015 – “Lloyd Lee” from the TV show. Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity. Poor guy. (See other examples of this erasure including, but not limited to, films like Star Trek: Beyond [2016], Sex and the City [2008], The Boondock Saints, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones [2013], The Dictator [2012], Half-Life [2008], Hack! [2007]; TV shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, ER, How to Get Away with Murder, Difficult People [2015- ], The Last Man on Earth [2015- ], Suburgatory [2011-2014], Mr. Robot, Superstore [2015- ], Banshee [2013-2016], Shadowhunters [2016- ], Pure Genius [2016], The Five [2016], Hemlock Grove [2013-2015]; or games like Just Cause 2 [2010].)
Blackhat 2015 – White male (Hemsworth) beats up Asian men. Gets the Asian girl over the Asian guy. Read more at Kulture.
Focus 2015 – Asian man is a con man (dishonest stereotype), has low EQ (stereotype), is creepy (desexualization), is a misogynist (stereotype), has a thick accent (Perpetual Foreigner), and is generally unlikeable and emasculated. Read more at Kulture.
Look Who’s Back 2015 – German film depicts Asian men as being O.K. with anti-semitism (3 times). Also a lot of scenes there to mock Asian male tourists. Note that Kaiser Wilhelm II is the Father of Yellow Peril Propaganda.
Furious 7 2015 – One of the antagonists is Asian male Tony Jaa who is (presumably) killed in a humorous way by white male. Sidnote: In the opening scenes, Asian-male mini-antagonist incompetently loses race to a Latina female protagonist (“Letty”). Asian woman implies that Letty is more qualified than the Asian driver (and she is). Directed by James Wan.
The Martian 2015 – Creepy Chinese man cast, only role is to be shady and scheming.
Creed 2015 – Asian-male tourist stereotype.
The Invitation 2015 – Asian guy dies (he has to!). Directed by an AF.
Ant-Man 2015 – Asian men are waiters and scientists (source: Ethnic Muse).
Power/Rangers 2015 – Short film about the Black Ranger killing a bunch of Asian (Korean) gangsters. Asian men, always the villains.
The Duff 2015 – Ken Jeong’s character says he didn’t go to any school dances because he was a “nerd” and makes a fool out of himself.
Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance 2015 – More evil Japanese. See entry for Samurai Cop.
Minions 2015 – This film does not add to the list count. Makes fun of Japanese men (sumo scene). Oh, and remember Sacha Baren-Cohen’s jokes about little yellow, hard-working fellows with tiny dongs at the 2015 Oscars?
7 Days in Hell 2015 – Subservient and awkward looking Asian man picks up tennis balls for white male leads (emasculation).
Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon 2015 – Contains elements of Yellow Peril. Khan kills white prince and fights Neil Armstrong. Also features Mystical Old Asian man (The Wizard).


Lucy 2014

In one scene, Scarjo’s character threatens an Asian man with a gun, asking him if he speaks English (white superiority complex, emasculation). It makes the man look pathetic. This scene, in fact, is what Universal Pictures uses to advertise the film. In others, Asian men are depicted as being disgustingly misogynistic.

There was also a scene that Kulture reports on, where a white woman goes out of her way to make it absolutely clear that the idea of dating a Chinese man is not possible. This is somehow fine to audiences in the Anglosphere and Europe. Sickening.

The rest of the movie is Scarjo’s character shooting and creatively killing hordes of stereotypically villainous, inhumane, and one-dimensional Asian gangsters. There is such revelry in her acts of violence against Asian men. (See: Ghost in the Shell, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Everly, Elektra). What woman would would be interested in a man she can kick the shit out of?

Yay white feminism!

Directed by extremely anti-Asian-male Luc Besson (see: From Paris with Love, The Transporter, Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, Kiss of the Dragon). (Also see: Everly [2014].)

*Additional content on this entry will be added by late October 2017.* 

Magic in the Moonlight 2014

In this film, Colin Firth dons Yellow Face to be a Fu Manchu villain in his play. While Emma Stone, who thought she was half-Asian in Aloha says, “I dreamt I was being followed by a sinister Chinese!” (source). Can you imagine Emma Stone being directed to say the same thing about any other race? I mean, you’re supposed to identify with these characters ffs.

Yellow Face & Yellow Peril. Reminds me of how the director of this film, Woody Allen, donned Yellow Face himself in Zelig.

Birdman 2014 – Protagonist (Michael Keaton) complains he looks like a “Mongoloid.” His daughter (Emma Stone) also complains it smells like kimchi after going into a flower shop owned by a Korean man. The movie also mocks Japanese men. All info on racism in the film from Kulture. High-grade racism, brought to you by the 2015 Oscar-winner. Let’s also not forget the usage of the word “mongoloid,” and how it was synonymous with having Down’s syndrome (see Joe Rogan making the same “joke” [source]).
X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 – Vietnamese is tricked and incapacitated by white female mutant for expressing his heterosexuality (emasculation, desexualization). (See: Wolverine, Ghost in the Shell, LucyNow You See Me 2, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Fargo, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.)
Unbroken 2014 – Sadistic Japanese guy is sadistic to good ol’ American POWs. How will our heroes overcome the evil Asian man??? (See Bridge on the River Kwai [1957].)
Edge of Tomorrow 2014 – Near the end of this Japanese-manga adaptation, an Asian soldier with no lines is killed (Why else would he be cast?). In another “comedic” scene, Tom Cruise has trouble with a machine because it speaks Japanese (those inscrutable Japs and their language), and in another scene, after passing Chinese officials, he makes a comment about a “yellow band [emphasis mine].” There are no coincidences.
The Interview 2014 – Asian men die, Asian jokes, and Asian female ally.
22 Jump Street 2014 – In the end credits scene/montage, Asian gangsters chase down the protagonists (villainization) who work undercover at medical school (possible Asian doctor/organ-smuggling joke). The nerdy Asian guy from the first movie, “Roman,” also makes a return. They also brought in Richard Grieco but not Dustin Nguyen for in-person cameo. The best they could do for his cameo was to put him on a graphic. (See: 21 Jump Street.)
John Wick 2014 – Only Asian-male character is a doctor and criminal (stereotype, villainization). Idgaf about no Matrix reunion. (See John Wick: Chapter 2.)

Everly 2014

Selma Hayek (and another actress) succumb(s) to Scarjo/Thurman syndrome this movie: Her character kills hordes of Asian men.

Asian men are sadistic, misogynistic, kidnappers, and gangsters. One of them is literally called “The Sadist.” Another forced the antagonist into prostitution after kidnapping. Film also features Asian Male Body Horror and Asian Male Gore Porn. People at this garbage as being Feminist and combating “Asian patriarchy” lmfao. Once again, Asian men are scapegoats for non-Asian misogyny.

Brought to you by a man named “Lynch” lol.

See: Lucy (2014).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2014 – Of course the Asian “Councilman Yen” dies. Of course.
The Guest 2014 – Bar scene: Asian bad guy gets punched by a white male bad guy by accident. The Asian guy punches the white kid character. The Asian guy is hit with a pool cue by the white male “Guest.” Then the Asian guy’s leg gets stomped on and the camera focuses in on his face as he screams in pain (they don’t do this with any other character). Then another Asian guy gets beat up by the “the Guest.” The bad guys were all bullies to the white kid protagonist. 2 out of 4 bullies of the white kid were Asian male. But in reality, “More than Half of Asian American Teens are Bullied in School.” This movie is just hate propaganda.
The Mazerunner 2014 – Asian male “Cho” is the “first glader to die” (source) (Asian guy always dies first trope). He is not based on any character from the book (source). Since one of the protagonists is an Asian male, they felt that they needed to keep the tradition of killing off an Asian man in the beginning. “Cho” is also a surname. Asian men are commonly called by their last names to accentuate their status as the Perpetual Foreigner (trope). “Minho” is a first name (multisyllabic), but it still evokes the Perpetual Foreigner. Both characters have Korean names-another piece of evidence that killing off “Cho” is wish fulfillment since “Minho” had to survive.
Frank 2014 – This one caught me off guard. It’s an indie music film. But like all Western-made films, it must mock Asian men. In one scene, a chubby, accented Asian-male bus boy at an Asian restaurant yells, “Chinchilla guy!” once they start talking about “Frank.” The scene is there to show that some people actually have heard of the eccentric Frank. It’s just another version of the overused trope where they show how far-reaching something is by saying that even an Asian man knows it. Because Asian men are farthest thing from Western civilization (see: 2017 Tide Superbowl adLimitless [2011], Minority Report [2002], The Truman Show [1998], Escape from the Planet of the Apes [1971], Rosemary’s Baby [1968], Spectre [2015], etc.) Once again an Asian man is used as a narrative device and objectified as an object of humor.
Kid Cannabis 2014 – Main antagonist is an Asian male (source). Like always. He is referred to as “gook.” He is killed (Asian guy always dies trope) (source).
A Fairly Odd Summer 2014 – Stereotypical, scientist-type Asian male character with glasses and fake accent. Thanks, Nickelodeon.
Walk of Shame 2014 – Continuous Emasculation of Asian male character “Victor.” Read more at Kulture.
Asian School Girls 2014 – Revenge story. A group of Asian-female friends get raped. One of them commits suicide. The rest vow to avenge her (source). They beat up several Asian men in the process (source). As usual, Asian women good, Asian men bad.  
Revenge of the Green Dragons
2014 – Asian men are only tolerable on screen when related to gang violence.
Transformers: Age of Extinction 2014 – Small Asian martial arts guy Jaa cast (emasculation, stereotype). Didn’t appreciate the accented Samurai robot either (Perpetual Foreigner). Starring Marky Mark who did some terrible things. He only apologized to get a pardon so he could expand his burger chain. Also note that Transformers was originally Japanese.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014 – This films does not add to the list count. Allegedly, in a movie set in San Fran, the only Asian character is one male with long hair (emasculation) and glasses (stereotype). (Source: 8asians.)
Bad Johnson 2014 – Penis joke and stereotypes (source: Ethnic Muse).
Left Behind 2014 – Stereotypical Asian man emasculated (Source: Ethnic Muse. Disregard the little people bashing.)
Seventh Son 2014 – Asian warlock subservient to white witch (source: Ethnic Muse).
X+Y 2014 – Asian math nerds (stereotype) in a story about WMAF.
The Gambler 2014 – This film does not add to the list count. Calls Japanese-made cars “indestructible-Jap-economy shitbox[es].”


The Wolverine 2013

One of the most offensive movies I’ve ever seen regarding Asian men.

Opening scenes: “Oppressed” American POW, played by Hugh Jackman (see: Real Steel), out of the kindness of his heart, saves a Japanese soldier’s life from the atom bomb (the irony). The Asian is shown to be pathetically helpless and cowardly.

Throughout the rest of the movie, the Wolverine kills hordes of Asian men. These include the Yakuza, ninjas, and samurais (stereotype). One Asian man is killed off by a white woman for trying to express his heterosexuality (see X-Men: Days of Future Past) (source). Other Asian men are mutated in a disgusting manner (Ctrl F: Asian Male Body Horror) (source).

He also defends and helps an Asian woman from “The Asian Male Patriarchy.” The woman’s Asian fiancee, who is a corrupt Minister of Justice, is revealed to have planned to kill her for money.

The ending twist: The Japanese man the Wolverine saved in the beginning is the primary antagonist of the entire film, who tries to kill the Wolverine to achieve immortality. That is how Japs repay their thanks, apparently. But this villain and his evil henchman are vanquished by him and his newfound Asian girl. :/

For a more detailed take on the problems of this film that includes pictures, check out the review from Kulture.

This is what happens when Spielberg (Minority Report) teams up with an Australian actor.

Kick-Ass 2 2013

“When are you gonna grow up?”

One of the most racist movies I’ve ever seen in terms of their portrayal of Asian men.

In an earlier scene, a convenience store clerk is called “spring roll” and is shown cowering underneath a counter.

In a later scene, a mostly Anglo team takes glee in beating and literally castrating Asian men who have apparently sold their compatriot women into prostitution. What happens is the dog of “Col. Stars and Stripes” bites an Asian gangsters dick (dick joke + Asian eating dogs joke).

In one film, the familiar stereotypes of the Perpetual Foreigner (accents and using their native language), Asian male emasculation (including a literal castration scene), Asian male misogyny, and Yellow Perilism dominate with an ignorance, brazenness, and enthusiasm unparalleled by even most other Anglo-films that partake in the same kind of attacks against Asian men.

Oh, and then there’s another Triad member so cleverly named “Genghis Carnage” whose main job is to get fraps. Oh, and the one Asian superhero in the entire film, nameless, very scrawny, getting tazed probably made for some good Anglo comedy.

Olympus Has Fallen 2013 – NK takes over. Lol. A product of insecurity, narcissicism, and fantasy, all presented in an elegant Yellow Peril package. After seeing this movie, a lot of its patrons were just begging for a chink-killing spree. See: Red Dawn (2012).
Filth 2013 – The murder of an Asian male student is what sets the film in motion (source). In the book, that same man was non-Asian (source: r/asianamasculinity). This is just another example of an Asian man’s death being used as a plot device (dehumanization, devaluation of Asian male lives). (See: Picture Bride, Bad Day at Black Rock, etc.) What makes it even worse is that the death of this Asian man is presented as an opportunity for the white male protagonist to get a promotion (source). Filth indeed.
Gravity 2013 – Seriously, you’re not that clever for putting a ping-pong paddle and traditional gold coin in the Chinese satellite. My fellow semi-Mongoloid friend Alfonso, that would be like me putting a pinata in the Mexsat-3. Not only that, but there’s a comedy scene involving what the protagonist thinks is the Chinese language.
Only God Forgives
2013 – Ryan Gosling’s character (see: The Big Short) goes out on a spree killing a bunch of Asian guys in the corrupt world of Bangkok (dehumanization, villainization).
Lone Survivor 2013 – Movie tries to erase Asian male SEAL from a film based on a true events (source). Fixates on narratively irrelevant Asian female instead (source). (Asian Female Preference Over Asian Male Syndrome.) And Marky Mark is in this. Fucking disgusting.
Iron Man 3 2013 – “Mandarin” is not only a Yellow-Peril/Fu-Manchu-approximate, but his Asian-male identity is washed out once by Ben Kingsley and another time by Guy Pierce. (See: Iron Man [2008]). In the comics, Mandarin being Iron Man’s worst enemy reminds me of Bond’s inaugural enemy being the part-Asian Dr. No and Ming the Merciless of the Flash Gordon franchise. Or how the first kill of the entire Hitman series is an Asian man (source). This motif of Asian men being the worst enemy of white male protagonists comes up a lot in other franchises.
The Hangover Part III 2013 – Ken Jeong (“Leslie Chow”) hurts. He literally does full frontal… The press even wrote about his dick.
Fast & Furious 6 2013 – Asian male lead is the most expendable so he’s killed off (along with his lover). Dgaf if the director’s Asian. I’ve also noticed death often gets in the way of AMWF couples (see Grave Encounters 2, CastleBioshock Infinite, etc.)
Prisoners 2013 – This film does not add to the list count. Within the first third of the film, one of the two main protagonists (white male) starts flirting with an Asian waitress. They talk about her Chinese zodiac sign (monkey), and the writers give her a favorable description. However, her boss is a “rooster” and therefore the white male concludes the boss (overwhelming likelihood that he is an Asian male) is “selfish and eccentric.” Jab serves no use to this otherwise amazingly tight-nit film that, besides this one instance, follows the “Chekov’s gun” principle quite well. That scene was seriously the only unnecessary scene in the whole film. Don’t believe me? Watch it. Racism always wins.
The Internship 2013 – Jimmy O. Yang as “Wa Zao.” Really, guys?
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear
2013 – White martial artist’s Asian wife murdered. Leads to beating the asses of loads of Asian men in the humiliating of ways. Read more at Kulture.
Make Your Move 2013 – Asian men only there to show how “oppressive” they are to Asian girl. Lol. White man comes to the rescue. Read more at Kulture.
Red 2
2013 – Asian antagonist guy is a contract killer. Asian men are only tolerable as bad guys.

47 Ronin 2013

Dear Hollywood,

Stop portraying Asian males as being castrated, racist, cowardly, dishonest, mechanical, emotionless, misogynistic, jealous, conniving, one-dimensional, evil, and replaceable. Stop making Asian people in Asia speak accented English (especially in isiolationist Edo Japan). Stop making movies where Asians can only be saved by white or part-white saviors. Stop fetishizing and appropriating the aesthetics of our countries’ cultures. I know all of this is a pillar in American filmmaking, but stop. I know you tried this time to not go out of your way to be racist, but you still hit every note along the way despite your good intentions.

The Double
2013 – Protagonist makes joke about a Chinese virgin (emasculation). Everyone laughs. Fuck Richard Aoyade.
About Time 2013 – This movie really loves to mock the Chinese (one-child policy, ping-pong). And Indian men. Whih is not what a British film should be doing.
Unhung Hero 2013 – In a mockumentary about small penises, did you really think Asian men were going to be safe?
Dallas Buyers Club 2013 – Otherizes the Japanese several times and makes them look greedy (e.g., one of the Japanese doctors sells pills under-the-table). See Dirty Pretty Things (2002). Oscar-nominated.
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones 2013 – Asian male bodyguard only there to be hypnotized and be incompetent. Another Asian male character, who is straight in real life, is a gay male in this depiction. Part of a long list of the systematic erasure of the straight-Asian-male identity in media. Read more at Kulture.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 – Asian men can only be ninja-antagonists and nothing more.
21 & Over 2013 – Qausi-white-savior film featuring a stereotypically robotic, Confucian, patriarchal Asian father. Asian families are always dysfunctional in white media. Here are a few select examples out of many: Movies like UpPicture Bride, Mr. Wu (1927), etc.; TV shows like Sherlock (2010- ), Sense8Heroes, BoJack Horseman, Glee, Lost, American Dad!, Criminal MindsBaywatch, Castle, Fringe, Futurama, etc.; games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Prey (2017), XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift, Just Cause 2, etc.; or (graphic) novels like The Joy Luck Club or Y: The Last Man.
R.I.P.D. 2013 – Veteran James Hong used for comedic effect. The farthest thing away from an Asian man is a (white) woman. The two are juxtaposed for maximum comedic effect. Because the Asian man’s existence is funny.
Rapture-Palooza 2013 – Ken Jeong plays God who tried to kill Jesus. He is hit by a shovel, gets electrocuted, and dies (source).
Chink 2013 – Protagonist revels in gruesome murder of an Asian man.
Pacific Rim 2013 – “Tendo Choi” is a semi-yellow-faced male character (source). China’s jaeger (robot) also has four arms (otherization of that which Asian). It is piloted by three brothers from Hong Kong (jab at the One-Child Policy which is exempt in HK). Of course it gets destroyed. WMAF is not the reason this movie is on this list.
Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare 2013 – Short film. Asian-male baby is one of the gifted children playing violin (Model Minority myth).
Shadow People 2013 – Asian male coroner. Uses Asian-maleness to heighten the creep factor. (See: Blacklist [2013- ].)
A Stranger in Paradise 2013 – Asian men are gangsters. Again.
The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone 2013 – Old mystical Asian man stereotype. He dies (source). Gotta start conditioning them young.
The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody 2013 – White actor uses prosthetics to play “Glen Rhee” (source).
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 This film does not add to the movies list count. “Chester Ming,” representative of the real-life Victor Wang, depicted as amoral. Real-life Jordan Belfort himself described Wang as the “depraved Chinaman.” Bad optics. Bonus trivia: Asian man reveals how severely Wang was punished compared to this white counterparts.
Despicable Me 2 2013 – This film does not add to the list count. Ken Jeong plays tiny white Fu Manchu called Floyd Eaglesan.


Men in Black 3 2012

Restaurant gets busted for violating health codes because it sells aliens as food. Cook says one of the aliens is a dish that is “very traditional in China.” Relies on stereotype of Asians eating weird food. (See: Contagion [2011].)

Asian male cook is an alien (Perpetual Foreigner). And Asian Male Body Horror is a thing.

He gets slapped around a bit by a white man for lying. The Asian alien’s name is “Wu” (see: Mr. Wu [1927]).

He also says: “On the behalf of my pathetic self and worthless children, you stay. Allow me most honorable benefit of serving you favorite noodles, K?” To this Agent K responds, “Don’t nobody want none of yo nasty ass noodles, Wu.” The white agent then says, “You’re a piece of shit, Wu.”

Wu then looks at them scornfully as they go to their table to eat what they ordered. Then cut to scene with a single eye in the noodles (in-joke about Asian eyes).

Then they talk about his “skirt” (emasculation). Like they did in the 1800’s.

Then the white agent finds a random Asian alien male cook and beats his face flat with a pan. Remember that “pan-face” is a slur against Asians.

We then see Wu, dead, impaled onto the wall by spikes.

See: The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), where an old alien Asian man is also named “Mr. Wu.”

Ted 2012

Seth McFarlane would be nothing without Asian men (just like Matt and Trey Parker). Family Guy is a show dedicated to hating on Asian men. The way he targets Asian men is different from the way he targets all other groups. It is just pure hatred. It’s not satire. He doesn’t Asian-male lampoon stereotypes, he perpetuates them.

In Ted, the protagonists’ “final battle” is against a screaming, accented Chinese guy who attacks with his knife and chases a duck. Flash Gordon himself appears and attacks the man, thinking that the Chinese man is Ming the Merciless, a Yellow Peril character from the 1980 movie Flash Gordon. Fucking disgusting.

See Matt and Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police.

Red Dawn 2012 – Ragtag group of hillbillies protect their town from an Asian commie invasion. Yellow Peril, much?
Cloud Atlas
2012 – Yellowface: White male actor (Jim Sturgess) turned into an Asian man with prosthetics (see: 21 [2008]). Then he’s paired up with a full Asian actress. Artistic context/device does not excuse yellowface. Can you imagine an Asian male actor using prosthetics to be a white male, and being paired up with an white woman? Because the roles could not have been reversed, the film was anti-Asian-male. Can you imagine female yellowface of Asian men? It only happens in men nowadays (e.g., I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry [2007], Magic in the Moonlight [2014]). Brought to you by the Wachowskis.
Pitch Perfect 2012 – Asian guy that looks awkward and has glasses is one of the Asians that ruins the romantic mood between two white characters (see: [500] Days of Summer).

The Man with the Iron Fists 2012

All kinds of wrong with this movie.

Russell Crowe’s character is very problematic in this film. In one of his earliest scenes, he “saves” an Asian prostitute from a rotund Asian man, and kills him in the most bloody way possible. And no one cares, as he walks away with his girls, while making a Chinese-eating-dog joke (Lucy Liu’s character laughs to this).

In another scene, while he is getting intimate with Lucy Liu’s character, he tells a small Asian man, “What are you looking at, dirty little man?” In another scene, several women help him don actual Yellow Face, with the eyes and all, as he says, “Me… rikey.” To this, of course, all the girls laugh along as he spews Chinese.

Near the end, Crowe’s character who’s British, kills a stereotypical semi-Fu Manchu (completely with white hair) and finishes off with a joke about Opium.

This is just over-the-top emasculating. Asian women in this film cannot resist the white/black man, and also talk shit about all the Asian men, who are depicted as immoral, misogynistic savages. They are also depicted as racists against RZA (from the Wu-Tang Clan), calling him “blackie” (to perpetuate the Racist Asian myth).

The only Asian-male protagonist in this Asian-male-gorefest has a ponytail and constantly needs RZA’s help (emasculation). The main Asian-male antagonist is also given an unbearable shrill laugh.

RZA also plays up the myth of Asian-male misogyny as well, as Lucy Liu’s character and her girls decide to rise up against the men, by her words, hold all the power, and kill them all.

And of course, as part of Hollywood tradition, there’s an in-joke about the Asian-male eye, as it is punched out of an Asian man’s head (see: Minority Report [2002], Blade Runner [1982], Kill Bill: Volume 1 [2003], Blindness [2008], Push [2009], Slow West [2015], Constantine [2005], Big Short [2015], Hancock [2008],  Cars 2 [2011], TV shows like Sherlock, etc.)

Unsurprisingly, the banner right now for this film on Letterboxd (the ones that shadowbanned me from their service), in fact, is an Asian woman (minor character) going for the strike against a rotund Asian man. Typical.

21 Jump Street 2012

Stereotypical Asian nerd (“Roman”). The white nerds don’t get glasses but of course the Asian one has them. He is the object of many jokes. Sometimes he is seen playing with toys and in one scene, the joke is that he was kissing a girl. I also believe that he doesn’t have any audible lines. The writers also refused to give him a white female partner unlike the white nerds. I celebrate AMBF since Asian men and black women are the most frequent victims of sexual racism in the West, but in this instance, the white fragility to getting “cucked” and entitlement to white women is palpable.

There are also two Asian male mini-antagonists. A man that looks to be Southeast Asian starts a fight with a white male protagonist, and is told that he is a “bull in a China shop” (Asian joke). This same man accidentally hits a white female character in the breast and is hit by her (white male fragility; subliminal Asian Male Misogyny). This Southeast-Asian-looking man and another dark, East-Asian man are physically overcome by the two white male protagonists. In response to the victory, everyone celebrates.

The Asian female, unlike the Asian men, are portrayed as a normal human being and is one of the good guys.

See: 22 Jump Street.

Safe 2012 – Jason Statham’s character saves Asian girl from the Triad (white savior, villification).
The Twilight Saga: Break Dawn – Part 2 2012 – Asian male killed by whites (source: Ethnic Muse).

Skyfall 2012

In one set piece, a white-male sniper take down an old Asian man.

In another set piece, violence against groups of Asian men is exhibited. One of them “hilariously” gets killed by a Komodo dragon after a semi-“comedic” fumble with Bond’s gun. The James Bond M.O. (see other Bond films on this list).

It is also revealed that the main antagonist turned out the way he did because of the traumas of the torture he received by the Chinese.

Chinese government stepped in and took some of these scenes out.

Prometheus 2012 – Asian man “Ravel” makes a bet, loses, but doesn’t pay up, pointing to a technicality (stingy, deceitful). He dies at the end of the film (obviously).
The Dictator 2012 – Bobby Lee plays the accented, scheming, misogynistic, closet homosexual (erasure of straight-Asian-male identity), and evil Mr. Lao from China.
The Bourne Legacy 2012 – Asian man is a brainwashed evil henchman who gets killed  by a white woman when he’s kicked off his bike onto a pillar.
Looper 2012 – Asian men are gangsters (again). The good Asian woman however, is able to “save” the protagonist (this contrast is prevalent in films). On a side note, this film continues to associate Asia(n men) with crime: the currency used by the American mob is Chinese (shown in the opening sequences), some of the American mobsters wear Asian garb, etc. The protagonist also makes a big deal about how better France would be than China, and the main antagonist implies that China will either be the major breeding ground for crime and/or it will continue to grow in power (Yellow Peril).
Total Recall 2012 – As John Cho’s character is about to shoot white protagonist, he is gunned down.
The Master 2012 – Protagonist talks about killing “Japs” during the war.
Premium Rush 2012 – “Mr. Liu” is a loan shark and a secondary antagonist in the film. The “Sudoku Man” is the steretypical Asian assassin/bodyguard-type character of the film. Asians smuggle people between China and the US (stereotype). Meanwhile, an Asian female (“Nima”) is a protagonist (source). (S.O. to Asian male redditor kvrtanglesneck for recommending this film.)
Flowers of War 2012 – White man saves Asian women from Evil Asian Men (source: r/hapas).
FDR: American Badass! 2012 – Film celebrates the author of the Japanese internment and portrays a Vietnamese officer negatively.
Detention of the Dead 2012 – Asian guy dies first. His severed legs used as weapons (source).
Branded 2012 – Asian Male Body Horror is a thing. Russian film.
Goon 2012 – Asian hockey player is a stereotypical med student (idgaf that it’s based on a true story). Model Minority Myth is bad for all POC.
Grave Encounters 2 2012 – Asian guy always dies first (his white girlfriend also dies with him; reads like a punishment for dating an Asian). (Source.)
John Dies at the End 2012 – White male protagonist’s name is “David Wong.” Despite it being based on a real life situation, in the film itself, an Asian man’s name is reduced to an accessory and quirk. The character’s odd name mirrors the white creator’s adoption of the pseudonym of “David Wong” IRL. By using that name, he received racist hate mail (you can tell from this link that he associates Asian men with villains). For Asian men like us, we have to deal with this everyday, yet for this white male author it is but an experiment, a writing stunt, a mask he can take off at will. The white male in question, James Pargin, is now the editor-in-chief of Cracked.


Real Steel 2011 – Like every movie ever, the main antagonist is an Asian man. The story of the father and son builds up to the final hurdle and climactic battle against an Asian man (and his white woman associate). That’s literally the whole point of the movie. This movie is also a manifestation of white fragility when it comes to Asian technological advancement. Hugh Jackman (the father) plays a similar role in Wolverine (2013).
No Strings Attached 2011 – Small Asian man’s only role in the film is to be told “Fuck you,” “Fuck off,” and to stop taking pictures of his dick. If you’re wondering, the script written by this white woman.
Contagion 2011 – Virus leads to global catastrophe. Turns out, the whole thing is due to an Asian male chef’s carelessness (stereotype, Yellow Peril). The impulse that drove this creative decision mirrors impulse of some to call Asian men “SARS monkeys.” Brought to you by Warner Bros. (See: Men in Black 3, Contagion.)
The Candidate 2011 – Even in a short film, this director manages to squeeze in a bit where thousands of people hate an Asian family so much, they die. Other people die this way but their faces are never shown.
Cars 2 2011 – Japanese cars are sushi chefs with slanted-eyes. Involved in joke about wasabi. Why else would this character be animated?
The Tree of Life 2011 – Pitt’s characters says that if the Chinese don’t accept his business offer, “damn ’em all to Hell.” Almost sounds like today’s rising Yellow Peril as China rises. This movie is all about nostalgia, or pleasant memories. For people involved with the film, anti-Chinese sentiments are nostalgic and pleasant.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 2011 – Holmes disguises himself as a Chinese. (See: You Only Live Twice [1967].) And liberal HuffPo thinks this is unironically funny.

Limitless 2011

In the end scene, Bradley Cooper’s character and his girlfriend are served by Chinese-male waiter who speaks, of course, Chinese at a Chinese restaurant (Perpetual Foreigner, emasculation, stereotype).

The device of showing how smart Cooper is by showing us he speaks Chinese is because China is the farthest thing from the Western identity (Perpetual Foreigner). This is seen in on TV shows, ads, and in films such as The Truman Show.

The Hangover Part II 2011 – Ken Jeong (“Leslie Chow”) hurts me.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011 – Ken Jeong plays a crazy, creepy, Asian man who used to work for the Decepticons who gets thrown off a building and dies (source). Also note that Transformers was originally Japanese.
Zookeeper 2011 – Ken Jeong plays “Venom,” who is a weird Asian man who acts sexually creepy towards an Asian woman of a WMAF couple.
Bangkok Revenge 2011 – Another movie about a hapa fighting nameless, evil Asian men (source: r/hapas).
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 2011 – Several references to “Mr. Wu.” Check out the history of Mr. Wu the film, and the popular song that the film makes references to.
Sucker Punch 2011 – White woman vs. Samurais (white female vs. Asian masculinity trope).
Dirty Movie 2011 – “Chinaman” scene.
The Green Hornet 2011 – Remake. Seth Rogen emasculates another Asian man.
Thor 2011 – “Hogun” is the butt-end of a stereotype joke.
Drive 2011This film does not add to the list count. One of the characters dislikes “chink” food. Normalizes the slur (it already is normalized).


From Paris with Love 2010

Let’s look at the Chinese restaurant scene. When Travolta’s character “Charlie Wax” asks a waiter how to say “egg” in Chinese, the Asian man replies “I’m sorry, I am fourth generation. I’m born in Bristow, I don’t speak Chinese.” In response, Charlie’s white-male partner smirks, and Charlie himself grabs and pulls the Asian man, and pulls a gun on him. The Asian man then cowers and talks about fortune cookies. Charlie then proceeds to shoot all the Asian coke dealers in the restaurant. One of the men who was shot was a chef, who was also a gang member. Charlie then grabs the cowering Asian waiter and tells him to relay the message “Wax on, wax off,” a reference to Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.

In another scene, more Asian gang members in plainclothes approach Charlie. He says that they ain’t “no LA Maria Via gang. Just some Asian dudes.” After this, Charlie kills/beats them all up, and calls them “kitchen staff.”

I think the most disturbing parts are those that aren’t overtly racist, but subtle. For instance, I think it’s undeniable that Luc Besson (Dir.) was vicariously showing his aggression at Chinamen daring to see themselves as French. The smirk and the violence says it all. Luc Besson really does seem to have a problem with Asian men. Just look at Lucy (2014). The whole point of the film was to have a white woman kill off Asian men. We also saw anti-Asian-male scenes in Besson’s films The Transporter (2002), Leon: The Professional (1994), The Fifth Element (1997), and Kiss of the Dragon (2001). Are we sure Besson isn’t also a certain French cop? What the fuck is wrong with this guy? (S.O. to Asian male redditor kvrtanglesneck for recommending the two scenes.)

Inception 2010 – Opening: A bunch of Asians men are killed by Dicaprio’s character. Central to the plot is Yellow Peril, as Japanese CEO Saito tries to bring about the destruction of an American company for world dominance, using murder and other criminal activities. He also gets injured causing problems for everyone.
Tomorrow, When the War Began 2010 – Aussie asshole creators masturbate to fantasies of an Asian Invasion/Yellow Peril Propaganda. The kicker: Asian country invades because they believe they have a right to Australia’s natural resources for their burgeoning population (source). “Tomorrow” gives is a sense of urgency. Not only is that pathetically racist against present-day Asians, but that may just be the most ironic entry in this entire list. Yes, please explain how the aboriginals thought about you. Includes token Asian man as a weak buffer against accurate accusations of racism. And of course, on the poster, he’s shoved far back in the corner as all Asian men are.
Easy A 2010 – Obligatory Awkward Asian guy (source: r/aznidentity).
She’s Out of My League 2010 – Dick joke :/ (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Karate Kid 2010 – Remake of the original where Uncle “Jackie” Chan helps protagonist beat up a bunch bad Chinese kinds (villainization).
Fair Game 2010 – Starring an Asian man as “Nervous Analyst #1.”
TEKKEN 2010 – Kung Fu stereotypes.
Resident Evil: Afterlife 2010 – Cowardly Asian guy causes problems for every one (emasculation).
Jonah Hex 2010 – IMDb credits section literally has the actor listed as “old Chinese guy” (desexualization) (source: Ethnic Muse).
Furry Vengeance 2010 – Evil Asian CEO sterotype. He gets attacked by animals (source).


Black Dynamite 2009

The main story is that Asian men are trying to make Black men’s penises smaller at the behest of white men.

Features Asian male subservience, Fu Manchu, small-dick stereotype, violence against Asian men, a comedic scene with a dying Vietnamese boy with a “Chinese face” and “Chinese knees,” cultural appropriation, slurs directed at Asian men, Asian male disembodiment, anti-Asian-male phrenology (centering on facial protrusion and eye-shape), mocking of Asian languages, Asian male clumsiness, Asian male emasculation, Yellow Peril, Dr. Wu homages, Asian male cowardice (aka being yellow), etc. all portrayed unironically with zero Asian-male humanization.

The film asserts that Asian men do not even have the rights to their own representation, or even their own stereotypes. African-American creators here ‘wield’ their stereotypes in an ironic manner in a definite, pro-Black Power way, an exaggerated form of racial-pride as was seen in Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012).

Black male representation on film is so fucking different than Asian male representation on film that what this film does is unacceptable. This film’s overall goal is to positively portray Black males (great!). Asian men, however, never having been portrayed positively on film, cannot be treated in this manner, especially on film. Here, Asian-male stereotypes are co-opted used to our detriment in an unironic, non-subversive way.

(500) Days of Summer 2009Watch this. Two white romantic lovers juxtaposed with asexual Asian nerd pushing up glasses (see: Pitch Perfect). Assumption is made that all Asians are Chinese.
2009Asians are so loud they can break glass and they have alien eyes. Asian men also just take orders and are villains yet again.
The Hangover 2009Ken Jeong’s character, “Leslie (emasculation) Chow.” Need I say more? This dude is the new Uncle Chan. He’s also the main antagonist of the film. Asian men are always the main antagonists. He also has a purse (more emasculation).
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard 2009 – Token Asian nerd on the plane. Aside from this extra, people gang up on and beat Ken Jeong’s character because he’s Asian and makes pathetic joke about Asian eyes (see: Minority Report, Blade Runner, Slow West, Push, Blindness, Cars 2, Big Short, Rogue One, Men in Black 3, Hancock, The Man with the Iron Fists, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, etc.)
The Cove 2009 – Film about dolphin-hunting. Weird Japanese people focused on (otherization) and made to seem corrupt and heartless (villainization, dehumanization). Why don’t they make a movie about dophin-hunting in the Faroe Islands (Dutch)? Cos it’s propaganda. No one would like a movie about whites hunting dolphins; the evil Japs is what sells. The Spanish still torture and kill bulls for entertainment, but no one gives a shit. Instead, you have clueless white women protesting the Yu Lin dog festival in fucking Chinatown. Won an Academy Award.


(Possible) Asian dad leaves kid all alone (lolwut).

Additionally, the boy is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Look up Short Round, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, etc.)

Dragonball Evolution 2009 – Goku (lead) is white-washed, while Grandpa Gohan, Mai, Master Roshi, and Yamcha are not. Goku is paired up with Chi Chi (Jamie Chung).
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 – Yes. Cos All Asian men are ninjas (stereotype, villainization).
Crank: High Voltage 2009 – David Carradine yellowfaces as “Poon Dong.” The Chinese are all criminal-doctors.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2009 – Asian man who vied for white female’s attention in first film seen crying (emasculation).
A Serious Man 2009 – Steve Park plays an uptight Korean father. His son asks the Jewish protagonist to give him a passing grade because he doesn’t want to lose a scholarship. He surreptitiously leaves some cash behind. If the protagonist doesn’t comply, the Korean father says he will sue for defamation if he is accused of bribery, or for accepting the bribe if the protagonist takes the money but doesn’t give his son a passing grade (source). A Coen Brothers film (see: Fargo, The Big Lebowski).
John Rabe 2009 – White savior film about man who saved the lowly Chinese. Also functions as an anti-Jap propaganda film that pits Asians against each other. They even have a Jap soldier threatening to shoot a white male doctor. (Originally saw mention of film on r/asianmasculinity.)
Mao’s Last Dancer 2009 – Aussie anti-Chinese propaganda film. Film about an Uncle Chan and whites vs. heartless commie chinks.
To Save a Life 2009 – Filipino student “Jonny Garcia” has severe emotional problems, is lonely, doesn’t get the girl, tries to commit suicide, and has fantasies of attacking his school (source). Found on r/hapas.
Hanger 2009 – Chinese man with Down syndrome played by white man (source).
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies 2009 – Suspiciously high amount of (source: Ethnic Muse).
Good Hair 2009 – Makes Asians seem anti-Black and exploiting Af-Ams. Perhaps this is the motivation for his jab at the 88th Academy Awards?
Watchmen 2009 – Protagonist “Dr. Manhattan” (aptly named) kills Viet like its nothing. Another scene shows Viet men kneeling to Dr. Manhattan.


Gran Torino 2008

Old white man kills a bunch of bad Asian men and calls them “gooks.” Takes young Asian boy under his tutelage a.k.a. Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated (See: Short Round, From Dusk Till Dawn, Up, etc.)

Rambo 2008 – Stallone’s character and white male friends slaughter Burmese men in droves. But it’s all cool though, since those evil Burmese massacres innocents. Stallone doing the same shit he did 30 years ago… and they accuse us of being uncreative and racist… lmao. (S.O. to Ben from the comment section for this entry.)
Tropic Thunder 2008 – Viet men are villains. Their head honcho is just a boy shat on by the likes of Tom Cruise’s character. The head honcho is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation and thus, asexualization.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008

Veteran James Hong plays “Mr. Wu” (see Mr. Wu [1927]), an old Asian man that is actually an alien in disguise (Perpetual Foreigner) who, in Chinese, talks about how bad humans are to Keanu Reeves’ character. The Chinese portion doesn’t include subtitles to reinforce how alien he is (See: Men in Black 3).

A female character asks a younger Asian man if he is also “one of them.” Flustered Asian man doesn’t know what she’s talking about (har har). At best, this is a failed commentary on making assumptions based on looks. I doubt it’s that, however.

Blindness 2008

Asian man goes blind while driving (in-joke about Asian drivers). He is the patient zero of a blindness epidemic (source). This film is a part of a long list of films that make in-jokes about the Asian-male eye (see: Minority Report [2002], Blade Runner [1982], Kill Bill: Volume 1 [2003], Rogue One [2016], Push [2009], Slow West [2015], Constantine [2005], Big Short [2015], Cars 2 [2011], Hancock [2008], The Man with the Iron Fists [2012], TV shows like Sherlock, etc.)

Also consult: Contagion (2011).

21 2008

Main role of this true story is white-washed by Jim Sturgess (erasure). Only Asian man to appear is stereotypical math nerd building robots. (See: Cloud Atlas [2012].)

Iron Man 2008

Out of all the pilots, the Asian man is the shortest in all but one shot (there is only one pilot shorter than him, and they cast a man who looks Latino for him). I mean, he looks like a fucking child in this shot. Another pic. A little inside joke among those worked on the film.

In another scene, you have a conventionally unattractive, bald, bespectacled Asian man sitting behind an attractive white woman. In another scene, Tony Stark gives his car to a glasses-wearing Asian valet; in another scene, an old glasses-wearing Asian doctor puts his head down and scurries away when the film’s primary antagonist shows up. I also found it disturbing how they brought in some minor Yellow Peril into this (the secondary antagonist and leader of the extremists talking about Genghis Khan owning the world), as well as Tony Stark’s father having brought the Manhattan Project into fruition.

Obviously, the director, cinematographer, and the casting directors are all in on these inside jokes. But it does seem like the casting directors have the most influence on these anti-Asian-male jabs, since these characters didn’t really have any audible lines. The film is cast by two white women; that explains the scenes very well. Oh, and thanks Marvel (Also see: Iron Man 3 [2013].)


In the opening scenes, Will Smith insinuates that Asian gangsters (villainization) who are speaking a foreign language (Perpetual Foreigner) are homosexual (erasure of Straight-Asian-male identity). They scream like little girls (emasculation). He proceeds to vanquish them in a most humiliating and emasculating manner.

Let’s also not forget the short, long-haired Asian boss (multiple stereotypes) who serves as a semi-antagonistic figure during the introduction of the protagonist “Ray Embrey.” We also see Asian criminals in the jail; they are the shortest out of all of them with (with the exception of one Caucasian little person). And near the end, talking about how Attila the Hun was “cross-eyed” was a bit strange as well.

The Dark Knight 2008

“[A]s a detective, we’re not allowed to believe in coincidences.

Of course Nolan had to shoehorn in an Asian villain (“Lau”). This Chinese mob boss is “good with calculation” and is a “squealer.” Defeated in the end.

Street Kings 2008 – Korean men imprison and rape two 14-year-old Asian girls. Keanu Reeves’ character kills them. One Asian man is credited as “toilet man” while another is credited as “towel man” (source: Ethnic Muse). (See: John Wick: Chapter 2).
Pineapple Express 2008 – Ken Jeong plays a stereotypical, accented assassin/ninja. He dies along with Bobby Lee’s character who was working with him. In one deleted scene, he is infantilized via tickling. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, emasculated, and thus asexualized.
Twilight 2008 – Asian male desperate for white female’s attention.
Bangkok Dangerous 2008 – Blurb coming soon.
Sex and the City 2008 – Asian man comes to interview wearing a suit, but also pink heels. Erasure of straight-Asian-male identity (source: Ethnic Muse).
Blonde and Blonder 2008 – Canadian film. Asian head of the Triads kidnaps white protagonist female and gets arrested (source).
Role Models 2008 – Once again, Asian man is the primary antagonist (source). Always.
The Forbidden Kingdom 2008 – White boy who hangs out with “chink[s]” saves China. Because Chinese men cannot do that without the help of a white boy. Same bullshit trope of the Magical Orient seen in Wish Upon (2017), Freaky Friday (2003) (not on this list), Gremlins (1984)etc. 
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008 – Asian men antagonists in hordes.
Get Smart 2008 – Asian man Masi Oka as tech genius (stereotype).
Half-Life 2008 – Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008 – Pearl Harbor is attacked. “Captain Mike” wants to “kick the shite out of the Japs” and asks others to join him. Mike is a character that Benjamin and the audience is supposed to sympathize with (when Mike dies, Benjamin tells him there’s a “nice spot in heaven” for him).
W. 2008 – College student says “Japs” are kamikazes and says they’re crazy.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 2007

Film portrays Chinese Pirates as inhuman, visually offensive, and especially villainous.

Chow Yun-Fat’s character is a semi-Fu Manchu who is depicted as being creepy for showing interest in white female lead. Hollywood cannot fathom the straight Asian male (see: Fargo, Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ghost in the Shell, LucyNow You See Me 2, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.)

He dies at the end and gives all his power to a white female (emasculation).

Depiction was so bad, the Chinese Government stepped in censored some portions.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Rob Schneider colors his face yellow, adds a prosthetic nose, dons a bowl-cut wig, comically large glasses, wears buckteeth, and puts on a thick accent. One of the worst yellowfacing instances I’ve seen in the 21st century.

Balls of Fury 2007 – LITERAL FU MANCHU as the antagonist! In two-fucking-thousand-and-seven! Fuck Christopher Walken.
The Number 23 2007 – This one caught me off guard. Within minutes of the film’s opening, an Old Chinese Man (asexualization via geriatrification) brings Jim Carrey’s character, who is an animal control worker, to get rid of a dog in the back of the Chinese restaurant. The Old Chinese Man speaks to Carrey’s character in Chinese. He just responds with “sure” and humorous replies showing that he does not understand a single word (Perpetual Foreigner, otherization). Once Carrey’s character sees the dog, he talks to it, saying things like “In China, they eat dog!” Sooo clever, guys. Sidenote: later on, there’s a scene involving an Asian-male cop. Looks like casting directors chose the scrawniest Asian man they could find. To play a cop. Directed by Schumacher.
Disturbia 2007 – Asian character is a creepy guy that spies on people making out, and doesn’t get the girl unlike his white protagonist friend (Shia Labeouf). (Source.)
Superbad 2007 – Asian man is a joke/prop again.
The Invincible Iron Man 2007 – Evil Asian Man “Mandarin” (source) vs. white male Iron Man and Asian woman (source). In the original comic, he was an AMWF hapa (white fragility) (source).
Rush Hour 3 2007 – Really?
Sunshine 2007 – Asian man (“Kaneda”) makes a bad call and puts everyone in the space ship in danger. Of course, the Asian man dies first. His death is indirectly caused by another Asian man (“Trey”), a genius, who fucks up a calculation in the trajectory of the ship. Because of his guilt, he kills himself. A white man and an Asian woman were planning on killing him anyway.
American Gangster 2007 – Asian men are villains/criminals.

War 2007

“John Crawford” (Statham) and token Asian agent “Tom” fight Triads and Yakuza. Crawford kills a bunch of Asian men. Crawford is literally on the “Asian Crime Task Force” (lol). He saves Tom’s life (white savior).

The film features a lot of Asian-Male Emasculation as well. Crawford uses a shotgun wile his token Asian partner “Tom” uses tiny handgun (emasculation). Crawford makes a homophobic joke about Tom. The joke is homophobic because it implies being gay is bad, and at the same time tries to erase Tom’s straight-Asian-male identity. In another scene, two prostitutes make out with each other while unfit Asian-male patron tries to get their attention. A female Yakuza member orders Asian men to make her a salad.

Asian men are also portrayed misogynistically. The Yakuza routinely carry out hits on women and children. In one scene, after sexually embarrassing a girl, the Yakuzas laugh at her while she runs away crying. Triad leader “Chang” looks at his partner and calls her a “rare breed.” (Chang is played by a half-Asian. Seems like to the casting director, a half-white Asian was more capable of fitting the image of a leader).

Several other stereotypes and problems make an appearance: Crawford says he knows a lot of guys that look like Jet Li’s character (wasn’t even a joke). Crawford makes a self-righteous point to a some cops saying the Yakuza should learn English, but says that critically injured Yakuza was saying some “Japanese mumbo jumbo.” One of the Japanese accents also seemed fake. It sounded pretty Chinese. Another actor, Kenneth Choi, is made to put on a fake Japanese accent. In one scene, there is a room full of Asian men gambling. Ninjas also make an appearance (they don’t exist anymore). Yakuza leader “Yanagawa” calmly tells his sword-fighting opponent that he’s not pissed about his clothes being ripped. Yanagawa then swiftly cuts off the man’s ear (deceitful Asian male trope). The Triads are “racist” against the “Japs.” Cooks at a Japanese restaurant turn out to be Yakuza (All Asian Men Are Bad trope) (see: From Paris with Love). The Yakuza talk about “American expansion” (Yellow Peril). Chang talks about “honor.”

Norbit 2007 – Yellowface by Eddie Murphy (source).
Ocean’s Thirteen 2007 – The “Amazing” Yen is a stereotypical Chinese acrobat.
Hack! 2007 – Straight Asian man cast as stereotypical homosexual (source). Erasure of Straight Asian male Identity. Asian man characterized as being cowardly. Gets shot.
Boarding Gate 2007 – French film. Asian men drug and rape a white woman. Another Asian-male character cheats on his wife (source: Ethnic Muse).
Nanking 2007 – White male savior vs. evil Asian men; Propaganda (source). Credit to Asian male redditor kulcoria.
Shanghai Baby 2007 – Asian woman prefers married white man over an Asian man she used to love. Said Asian man dies due to drug overdose (source: Ethnic Muse).
Grindhouse 2007 – Yellowface by Nic Cage (source). Wonder how his hapa son feels about that.


The Departed 2006

Jack Nicholson’s character makes a comment about some Asian gangsters’ small dicks (villainization, emasculation), while some subordinate Chinese guy translates all this like a good little House Chan (emasculation).

Later on, Matt Damon’s character stabs a random Chinese guy to death while he’s in Chinatown (Asian guy dies trope).

Adapted from the Chinese film Infernal Affairs.

Crank 2006 – One “funny” scene involves Statham’s character and his girlfriend having public sex in a Chinese crowd. Chinese were chosen because Asians are asexual and their men, the farthest thing from heterosexuality.
Casino Royale 2006 – “Fukutu” is not only a villain, but looks the most foreign in terms of stylization (otherization). He’s the only one at the table with white hair (a la old kung fu movies) and a ponytail (emasculation).
X-Men: The Last Stand 2006 – Only Asian male character is a villain.
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006 – White protagonist defeats corrupt Japs at their own game.
Ultraviolet 2006 – Cowardly Asian man (stereotype, emasculation).
Scary Movie 4 2006 – Hollywood loves to use Asian kids to make fun of us.
Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo 2006 – Main antagonist is “Commander Daizo,” who was originally one of the good guys (source). Asian men are deceitful.”Brushogun” (false antagonist) voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (see: Showdown in Little Tokyo [1991]). Negative effect on children.
Exit 38 2006 – Asian-male vampire coming for your white women!
Razor Sharp 2006 – White woman beats up Asian-male security guard. Short film. (See: The Gate [2016], etc.)
Cloud 9 2006 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Cutting Edge: Going for Gold 2006 – Asian-male figure skater is too/weak incompetent (source: Ethnic Muse).


Thank You for Smoking 2005 – I was utterly surprised at how many anti-Asian-male moments this movies had. Like, why? Personal vendetta? Absolute ignorance? In one scene that is particularly memorable to me, the white actor from The O.C. tells some elderly Asian man to keep raking an Oriental/zen sand pit, telling “Hiroshi” that the “sands not gonna rake itself” (emasculation, subordination, stereotype).
Batman Begins 2005 – Liam Neeson’s character is the leader of a bunch of Asian ninjas and Bruce Wayne beats ’em up (villainization, de-individualization). In one scene, Bruce spares a lowly, pathetic Asian man.
Kicking & Screaming 2005 – This movie just loves to make fun of little “Bing Bong.” There are so many scenes of them making fun of him. Example. How can they go so low as to make fun of a child on film? No wonder the Asian youth suicide rate is so high. No wonder “more than half of Asian American teens are bullied in school” (source: AAM). This attitude is what makes the 2016 Oscars happen. Also reminds me of Vitamin C’s “Graduation,” where the Asian nerd is a) shown to be clumsy/metaphorically beat up, and b) is not receptive to female attention, while Asian female students are shown to be social.
Elektra 2005 – White woman vs. Asian men (see: Lucy, Ghost in the ShellEverly, Kill Bill: Vol. 1). Protagonist, who was haunted by visions of her mother, has cathartic moment when she finally kills the Asian man that killed her mother.

Unleashed 2005

Asian man (Jet Li) has the mental capacity of a child and is treated as a dog. He is referred to as “thing” and “bitch” (and “cute.”) He has had no sexual interactions (see: Samurai Jack). He has a white male handler (see: Magnificent 7). He cockblocks his handler twice (in a vague, I am reminded of [500] Days of Summer and Pitch Perfect for similar scenes of Asian men cockblocking white people). The origin of his martial arts skills are unaddressed. Was it part of his “training,” or do all Asian men just innately know kung fu? How much of this is for the story? How much of it is just the creators’ prejudice?

This film is also an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation (and asexualization). How will white audiences accept a protagonist that is a normal Asian male? (Look up Short Round, Up, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, etc.) Idgaf if this role was made for Jet Li, since he can fight but can’t speak English, or not. Still bad optics. Also, he has a mother, but where is his father? (Missing Asian father trope.)

Classic Luc Besson (see: Lucy, From Paris with Love, The Transporter, Leon: The Professional, Fifth Element, Kiss of the Dragon).

3 Needles 2005 – Chinese military men gang-rape a pregnant woman and destroy her supply of blood (source).
Faith of My Fathers 2005 – Film about John “I hate the gooks” McCain vs. Evil Viets. Notable antagonists are “Prick” and “Cat” (source).
Memoirs of a Geisha 2005 – Blurb coming soon.
Constantine 2005 – Asian men doesn’t follow protagonist’s orders, open his eyes (har har), and is cursed because of it. 
2005 – WMAF alone does not warrant a spot on this list. But in this film, black and white men have partners, and the only Asian man in the film is a random newspaper store clerk (emasculation). Read more at Kulture. Update: Possible Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity (ignore OP’s tone and comments section).
Little Fish 2005 – Asian man has drug problems and lies to his girlfriend (source).


Team America: World Police 2004

Trey Parker (Dir.) and Matt Stone would be nothing without Asian men (like Seth McFarlane). South Park is a show dedicated to hating on Asian men. The way they target Asian men is different from the way they target all other groups. It is just pure hatred. It’s not satire. He doesn’t lampoon Asian-male stereotypes, he perpetuates them.

In this film, Kim (voiced by a white male) is the primary antagonist (Yellow Peril) vs. the protagonists literally called “Team America.” He plans on destroying the entire world during a peace ceremony (deceptive Asian men). Again, there is this belief among Westerners that Yellow Men are the greatest threat to humanity. Too bad Asia has never fucked with the rest of the world (can’t say the same for the West). A lot of Americans transmute their white guilt and use Asian men as scapegoats due to their fragility.

Kim is also implied to have an obsession with white women (he has several pictures of old school white actresses). Reminds me of this. He even puts one of the blonde female protagonists in a traditional Chinese dress when she angers him by mentioning how lonely he must be (as are all Asian men). And as usual, it’s the white woman who kills the Asian man.

It is also revealed that he is actually an alien cockroach and that there are others like him. This really isn’t satire since Trey Parker believes that Asian men are inhuman aliens and considers them accents on his and Stone’s TV show. No other group is treated in this one-dimensional demonized way by Parker. Parker also voices Kim in an overblown accent, who at one point sings this. How unoriginal do you have to be to use the “L” and the “R” joke?

This film also depicts Kim as being shorter than the white puppets, Asian men as incompetent. Parker isn’t afraid to depict Yellowface (unironically). Asian men also speak in gibberish Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. One Asian woman, while singing in gibberish “Asian,” says “chink.” Chinese flute music is also used to introduce Kim. Furthermore, by obligation, several Asian men are killed. Matching the words “dog eat dog” with Japan blowing up was not appreciated either. Right after that scene, Hollywood is blown up (white fragility). The vast distance from America to Asia is also emphasized a.k.a. The Far Orient.

The thing is, a lot of this isn’t even satire. Sure there’s some, but everything listed here is not. There’s nothing ironic about it. It’s just actual racism from Parker. Morons like to throw that buzzword around instinctively without really understanding what satire actually is as an act of fragile self-defense. But a lot of the anti-Asian-male sentiment in this movie is exactly that, and cannot be construed as actual satire (see: Ted [2012], etc.)

Crash 2004 – Korean  guy is a human trafficker. Is called “Chinaman.” The scene where he gets run over is literally called “Foreign Obstacle.” Pretty apt description. In a film that tries to address race, it unironically fails with Asian men (see: Get Out). Which is probably why it won three Oscars. But Bill Maher may have a different take. (S.O. to the redditor from r/asianmasculinity who recommended this film.)
Mean Girls 2004Asian male math nerd (“T. Pak”). No wonder “more than half of Asian American teens are bullied in school” (source: governement data from AAM). Disgusting.
Catwoman 2004 – Asian man is an evil accountant (double stereotype). 
Collateral 2004 – While other antagonists speak English and have some back story, Korean gangsters only speak Korean (Perpetual Foreigner) and are killed off right away. Head honcho is conventionally unattractive via casting.
The Perfect Score 2004 – Asian guy is at first a nuisance because he has to be included in on the heist due to him hearing about it. He is a computer whiz, gets the highest SAT score in the county, and becomes a video game designer (stereotype). (Source.)
C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America 2004 – Rated RAAM for Racism Against Asian Men (2 counts). Also, too much Canada-worship; Canadians are some of the most racist people on the planet against Asians (see: r/canadiaaa, “nip-tipping”).
Ocean’s Twelve 2004 – The “Amazing” Yen is a stereotypical Chinese acrobat.
Sorry for Kung Fu
2004 – Croatian film. Story of white single mother of hapa son (source from r/hapas).
The Stepford Wives 2004 – Asian man is part of the crew that replaces real wives with subservient robot wives. Movies depict this myth of Asian male misogyny, even though we are the most gender egalitarian on all metrics according to research (research from r/aznidentity). See: Get Out (2017).
Alfie 2004 – Emasculation of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
G.O.R.A. 2004 – Turkic film. Otherizes Asian men (source: r/hapas).
The Manchurian Candidate 2004 – Why remake this movie with such a racist history?


Lost in Translation 2003 – Westerners fuck around in Japan. Using stereotypes to its advantage is an essential feature of this film. Scarjo’s character is shown to hate Asian men here (like A LOT of characters played by Scarjo).

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 2003

Uma Thurman’s character kills hordes of Asian villains known as “The Crazy 88” all by herself (emasculation). There is much revelry in the killing of these pests. Perhaps inspiration for Scarjo’s roles in Lucy and Ghost in the Shell. (See: Elektra [2005].)

At one point, she spanks a younger-looking adult member, and scolds him as she would her son. This is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, emasculated, and thus asexualized.

In another scene, she plucks out one of their eyes. Hollywood loves making in-jokes regarding Asian-male eyes (see: Minority Report, Blade Runner, Slow West, Push, Blindness, Cars 2, Big Short, Rogue One, Men in Black 3, The Man with the Iron Fists, Hancock, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard).

Lucy Liu’s character also fulfills the trope of the Asian females being at higher positions than Asian men. This trope speaks to creators’ white male fragility. She also decapitates an Asian man (Asian male gore).

And don’t forget Pai Mei, the swordsmith, who perpetuates the stereotype of the Mysterious Old Asian man.

School of Rock
2003 – Asian nerd child mocked. Similar to “Bing Bong” from Kicking & Screaming two years laterIn other words,  Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated.

The Matrix Reloaded 2003

The Key-master is an old, helpless man who is in constant need of rescuing (emasculation). His childish antics cause problems for everyone (infantilization).

Evil Asian henchman is also killed with a spiky mace to the head to finish off the fight, which the viewers would find satisfying.

Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding 2003

In the original show (1989-2001), it’s Asian-male-antagonist “Sato” vs. the lead protagonist (Hasselhoff). Asian man harasses protagonist and threatens protagonist’s son. Asian man on parole also stabs his ex-wife. Takes people hostage. Loses fight with protagonist and goes back to jail.

Sato is the main antagonist of this film. He captures protagonist’s friends. In the end, Sato is killed when protagonist pushes him through a motor (source).

Out of all the characters in the show, they just had to make this movie about the evil Asian guy. Just proves how profitable Asian-male-villainization is, how much people love it.

The Last Samurai 2003

This enjoyable film (which makes it all the more deadly) manages to weaponize almost every Asian-male stereotype in the book. But what does it matter to the audience, who takes special revelry in the gore of disembodied Asian men and is expected to sympathize with a hunter of Native Americans? Not to mention also how fucking ridiculous the film is: Tom Cruise’s character learning how to become the “last” samurai in one year is believable as “Asian patriarchy,” which Hollywood loves to tote.

But for the woke Asian male, this film shines an important light on the crucial question of assimilation. A film portraying the wildly successful assimilation of a white man into an Asian society/way of life/household, presents a stark contrast to the apparatus of assimilation for Asian men in Western countries.

The dilemma, catch-22 is that Asian men who attempt assimilation are met with hostility as they appear to be competing with the dominant race and to be attempting to break stereotypes that were established to benefit the dominant race. The flip-side of that coin is that Asian men who reject or have given up on assimilation are lampooned as fulfilling stereotypes, being foreign and thus hostile, and/or rejecting the dominant culture.

But studies (e.g., this from r/asianamerican) show that Asians get hired 28% less than white counterparts due to their last names. White Americans say they hate us because we do not assimilate, but the results of the study were true regardless of first names, which we often Anglicize in order to be accepted. The number is probably way higher for men.

Unlike the protagonist of this film, there is no way to win for us.

So what would an appropriate “Last Samurai” movie look like, you ask? Maybe we can start by making the movie about the rivalry between the real “Last Samurai,” Saigo Takamori, and his anti-Samurai younger brother Marquis Saigo Judo. Tom Cruise could play Commodore Matthew B. Perry.

The Matrix Revolutions 2003 – The Key-master.
Out for a Kill 2003 – Steven Seagal’s character fucks shit up in a world where every Asian man is a fuckin’ drug pusher (source). The “racist” Asian men also call him “gweilo professor” (white fragility) (source).
Japanese Story 2003 – Australian film. Japanese man cheats on his wife with white woman. He drowns (source). Originally saw this film mentioned by Ethnic Muse. (See: The Ballad of Little Jo [1993].)
Fear and Trembling 2003 – French film. All Japanese men are patriarchal and emotionless (dehumanization).


Die Another Day 2002 – James Bond kills more Asian men. E.g., “Zao.” Yes!
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 2002 – “See, I believe in the brotherhood of man. Last week I got fucked by an Oriental,” says a white woman (source: Ethnic Muse). George Clooney’s directorial debut. Good goin’, George.

The Transporter 2002

Asian man is a human trafficker (villainization, stereotype). His daughter shoots him. She is paired up with white male protagonist played by Jason Statham (source).

Directed by anti-Asian-male Luc Besson (see: Lucy, From Paris with Love, Unleashed, Leon: The Professional, Fifth Element, Kiss of the Dragon).

Gangs of New York
2002 – Chinese with their queues get treated like animals, are rough-handled, and are ordered around by protagonists several times throughout the film, and not one of them has a line (emasculation, dehumanization). In the scenes involving the main protagonist’s flashbacks, the Chinese are used to symbolize the ugly and the alien.

Minority Report 2002

Tom Cruise’s character gets an eye from the black market. We find out it belonged to a Japanese man named “Yakamato” (implied violence against Asian men). Hollywood loves making in-jokes regarding Asian-male eyes (see: Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Blade Runner, Slow West, PushBlindness, Cars 2, Big Short, Rogue One, The Man with the Iron Fists, Men in Black 3, Hancock, etc.)

The Perpetual Foreigner stereotype is also perpetuated when with his new eyes, as Cruise goes into a gap. Using eye-recognition tech, an ad refers to Cruise as “Mr. Yakamoto.” The scene only works with the understanding that the farthest thing from a normal human being (like Cruise) is an Asian man. (See: The Truman Show).

One Hour Photo 2002 – Robin,Williams movie. Regarding “Yoshi,” Williams’ character “Sy” says, “His math skills are pretty weak.” Professionals actually hired and cast an Asian man just for that one racist joke that was completely irrelevant to the film. All that work just for a pointless dig. Truly pathetic. Sy also kept saying the name “Yoshi” multiple times during conversations with Yoshi. Seems like the stereotypical name was something of an obsession for the writer. Note that there is a famous Japanese video game character with the same name. Yoshi also wore many earrings on one ear (otherization). (See Sandy Wexler [2017], in which Adam Sandler’s character calls a random Asian man “Yoshi.”)
Dirty Pretty Things 2002 – Asian man gives out pills under-the-table (source). See Dallas Buyer’s Club (2013).
Samouraïs 2002 – Asian-male demon rapes an Asian woman. She loves a white male (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Quiet American 2002 – Viet man “Hinh” is villain (source).
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist 2002 – Asian men are stereotypical kung fu masters. It’s a movie where violence against and the pain of Asian men is funny. When people see Master Tang’s leg being pecked at by an eagle, you are supposed to laugh at his pain. (S.O. to Asian male redditor “walt_hartung” who recommended this film.)


Saving Silverman 2001Old (desexualization) Asian man seen jerking off. Has unnaturally heavy accent. He thinks he’s going to get lucky but ends up falling down the stairs, having injured his scrotum in the process. Fucking disgusting. 
The Fast and the Furious
2001 – Asian men and their gangs are the villains here (Yellow Peril).
Pearl Harbor 2001 – Japs are the enemy! They’re all the same and they have no emotion!
Romeo Must Die 2001 – Another film about Asian gangsters. Additionally: “Afropean female has more romance with her brother (she actually kisses him) than with her East Asian lover (they do hold hands)” – Ethnic Muse. They removed the kiss scene due to unfavorable reactions from test audiences.
How High 2001 – Overly-accented Asian man is objectified as an object of comedy to be mocked at. He rocks BUFU (inversion of FUBU), vomits with supernatural intensity, fondly remembers his dogs humping, jerks off in front of others, etc. And as Ethnic Muse points out, of course he says “I’ve got two inches of hard dick.” Distributed by Universal Pictures.
Rush Hour 2 2001 – Really?
Kiss of the Dragon 2001 – “Mr. Big” is an Asian crime boss who smuggles heroin (source). He is killed by a white woman posing as a prostitute (source). Straight Asian men are always punished for their heterosexuality (FargoWolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ghost in the Shell, Lucy,  Now You See Me 2, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.) This film was writted and produced by Luc Besson (source). He has been a part of other anti-Asian male films such as Lucy, From Paris with Love, Unleashed, Leon: The Professional and Transporter.
Swordfish 2001 – Asian bad guy restrains white male protagonist played by Hugh Jackman.
Monkeybone 2001 – Yellowface by white male wearing samurai armor for the role of “Death’s Assistant.” Possible Yellow Peril, associating “Death” with “Asian-male.” Attila the Hun also makes an appearance (more Yellow Peril).
Silent Force 2001 – Undercover Asian-female agent has sex with Asian-male criminal to get closer to Chinese gang. Turns into a WMAF ending (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 – “Yasuo Oshima” an Asian man that wears glasses who is one of the men that “Etheline Tenenbaum” rejects. The other two are a frozen-over white man and a eye-patch-wearing white man. Each suitor has something odd about them. The quality of being an Asian male is apparently strange. His name is also completely foreign (Perpetual Foreigner). There is a strange moment of symmetry in a scene involving Etheline’s daughter “Margot.” In this scene, white female Margot makes out with a white man. The three subjects in the shot are the two lovers and one Asian man in the background. He is literally a decorative piece in director Anderson’s mise-en-scene. Another Asian male that is featured in the film is an awkward-looking archaeologist who wears glasses.
Donnie Darko 2001 – Asian man at the meeting the only one without female partner (asexualization).
Ocean’s Eleven 2001 – The “Amazing” Yen is a stereotypical Chinese acrobat.


Art of War 2000 – Canadian-Amerian film. African-American man and Asian woman vs. Asian officials and Triad (because that’s what white liberal progressivism looks like). Lots of Asian-male deaths in the movie; for example, black man kills Asian man after said Asian man kills white woman (source).
The Family Man 2000 – In an early scene, the protagonist’s (Nic Cage) Af-Am guardian angel is accused of lying by an accented Asian-male convenience store owner while another Old Asian man watches (geriatrification is a form of asexualization). Further spreads Anti-Black Asians Myth (source: Ethnic Muse).
Chain of Command 2000 – China tries to start WWIII with America. White protagonist’s family is taken hostage by evil chinks and Asian men get killed (source).


Fight Club 1999 – “Raymond K. Hessel” is a white name. Yet here, an Asian man is cast as this character to create one of the most emasculating moments for Asian men in the history of film. He didn’t need to be Asian. In the book, nothing said he was. But the hatred against Asian men is just too strong for Fincher. Bonus: I’m just going to leave this here.
Eyes Wide Shut 1999 – Depicts Japanese men as being small, makeup-wearing, and pedophiliac. Because Asian men are the ones who go to poor Western countries to start pedophilia rings. Riiiight. Kubrick film.
The Boondock Saints 1999 – Gay Asian man “Hojo” (source: r/asianmasculinity) desperate for white man’s approval (Erasure of Straight-Asian-Male Identity). Gets swatted like a fly and gets called a “fag.”
eXistenZ 1999 – Asian Male Body Horror is a thing. The movie’s most famous object (bone gun) is used to kill an Asian man working at a Chinese restaurant. Oh and there’s a dog. Cos Asians eat dogs. Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence. Coincidences do not involve cinematic blocking, writing, and directing.
Bridge of Dragons 1999 – WMAF must take down evil Asian man.
Anna and the King 1999 – A beautiful tale about a white woman that goes to Asia and does whatever she wants and gets away with it. A breathtaking depiction of a fierce white woman battling Asian misogyny. Her teachings inspires the end of slavery in Siam (Thailand), and the radical anti-imperialist primary antagonists learn a lesson about messing with Westernization. Film garnered unfavorable reviews due to its portrayal of an unabashedly heterosexual and powerful Asian man. Read the reviews; the disgust and discomfort of seeing an Asian-male love interest is palpable. 
The Corruptor 1999 – Chinese are evil. Interesting how Marky Mark is in this movie (journal source). He blinded an old Asian man in one eye and call him a “gook.”
Man on the Moon 1999 – Asian men shown to be liars. Main character goes into get experimental treatment for cancer, but is swindled by a lying Asian man selling snake oil.
Star Wars: Episode I – A Phantom Menace 1999 – This film does not add to the list count. Pesky and unlikable male aliens on Naboo have been theorized of being Asian. Jar Jar Binks is also sometimes theorized to possibly be Asian.


Rush Hour 1998 – Really?
The Big Lebowski 1998 – The thug that pisses on Lebowski’s rug is an Asian man. Brought to you by the Coen brothers (Fargo, A Serious Man).
Mulan 1998 – An animated film that does Yellow Peril (not with the Chinese), but the Huns. Huns don’t even look human. Out of the thousands of stories Disney could have adapted, they chose to make a story about how an Asian woman saves China. A Chinese man saving China? No way. Unmarketable. They chose to adapt a story about how an Asian woman beats the Asian-male patriarchy(!), in a world where myths of the Asian-male patriarchy still exists and harm Asian men. Another Disney rip-off of an Asian story (Lion King [1994] obviously isn’t/can’t be on this list, but I will mention it here that it plagiarized significant elements from Kimba the White Lion [1965-1967]). Update: Looks like there is another element of emasculation in the film.
Enemy of the State 1998 – Asian woman excited to see Will Smith disrobe while her Asian husband is right there (source: Ethnic Muse). (See: Get Out [2017].)
Lethal Weapon 4 1998 – Jet Li ninja assassin (stereotype). Also, random Asian man cheats on wife with her sister (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Truman Show 1998 – In a scene used to show how far-reaching the eponymous Truman Show is, an Asian man is shown watching it. Asian men have always been used (like in the 2017 Tide commercial) to show how far-reaching something is. Because we are in the Far East, the farthest thing possible from The West.
American History X 1998 – Only Asian man in the film is one getting robbed and abused in his grocery store.
Slappy and the Stinkers 1998 – Asian man plays stereotypical Asian Professional Opressor; this time, as the headmaster of an academy. One of the chief antagonists of the film that conditions children to hating Asian men (source).


Donnie Brasco 1997

Undercover agent (supposed good guy) doesn’t take off his shoes when a male Japanese restaurant worker asks him to. There is absolutely no reason for him to do this. One of the gang members gets impatient, and so, the entire gang, including the undercover agent beat him to a bloody pulp.

Another bout of senseless violence against Asian man. Perhaps I’m seeing something that the writer or director never had the balls to do, but always wanted to.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997 – “Random Task” is a parody of “Oddjob” from Goldfinger (1964). He is told that he “fight[s] like a woman” (Emasculation). He is subjected by the Penis-Enlargement Pump (Asian dick joke) and is subdued.
Contact 1997 – Near the end, they go to Japan. Men are shown to be robotic and acting stereotypically.
Good Will Hunting 1997 – Harvard bar scene: Asian man with glasses (stereotype) stands behind antagonist Clark and laughs along to Clark’s jokes aimed at protagonist Will. Asian man backs off and goes away when Will tries to escalate the conversation to a physical conflict. Note: The only people with glasses in the entire bar is the Asian man above and another.
The Fifth Element 1997 – Only Asian male representation by old man with glasses selling noodles (asexualization via geriatrification, stereotype). Directed by anti-Asian-male Luc Besson (see: Lucy, From Paris with Love, Unleashed, Leon: The Professional, Transporter, Kiss of the Dragon).
Bloodsport III 1997 – Mystical Asian man “Sun,” who helped white protagonist beat up other Asian men in the film’s predecessor, is killed (source).
Johnny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects 1997 – “Dr. Zin.”
The Game 1997 – Rated MRAAM for Mild Racism Against Asian Men (7 counts). Fincher might have an anti-Asian-male fetish (a la Fight Club). Example: Weird (otherization) Asian men in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant (stereotype).
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 1997 – Yellow Peril.
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 – Within the first 5 minutes of the film, the white-male protagonist and antagonist talk about Burma and “that nut, General Kwang.”
Red Corner 1997 – WMAF vs. evil Chinese men (source).
McHale’s Navy 1997 – Asian man plays technical expert (sterotype). (Source.)
Seven Years in Tibet 1997 – Brad Pitt tutors the young Dalai Lama (source). #whitemansburden
The Pest 1997 – Protagonist dons Yellowface. Twice. (Source.)


Fargo 1996 – Steve Park plays a weird Asian guy (who turns out to be mentally insane) who unsuccessfully tries to seduce a white woman who thinks the proposition is laughable. Asian men are always punished for being straight (Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ghost in the Shell, LucyNow You See Me 2, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.) A Coen Brothers film (see: A Serious Man, The Big Lebowski). Asian man is nothing but a plot device. What proves this is racist is that it’s a colorblind role, but the creators simply just had to make him Asian.
From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 – Asian adoptee a.k.a Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated.
Danger Zone 1996 – White guy (Downey, Jr.), Greek American, and a white female WHO officer vs. mercenary “Chang.” Set in Africa. In the end, Chang tries to drown helpless WHO officer woman, but he is burned/explodes to death (source).
Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite 1996 – White male gets betrayed by Asian criminal. He gets put in prison and is mercilessly tortured by an Asian man named “Demon” who hates our white male protagonist especially. White man then vanquishes a bunch of Asian men through martial arts (source).
The Phantom 1996 – Superhero film that features a Fu Manchu antagonist. The Fu Manchu antagonist dies (source). The protagonist also has a Filipino manservant. 
The Cable Guy
1996 – Weird (otherization) Asian guy at party. Casting directors know exactly what they’re doing.


Picture Bride 1995

Asian man’s death used to get the story’s ball moving. Protagonist “Riyo” meets the Asian man “Matsugi” that she’s been arranged to marry; Matsugi is way older than the picture that was used (she got catfished in 1918). She rejects the weird old Asian man’s sexual advances. They also argue. Matsugi starts drinking and gambles to win money to buy another arranged marriage. Matsugi chases her when he suspects she is cheating (she is not). He starts to dislike her once he finds out Riyo’s parents had tuberculosis. After Riyo runs away, she comes back to an inebriated Matsugi and helps him to bed. He says he was scared that he was alone again and they make up. He actually becomes nicer to her once he realizes she can run away/he can’t get another wife.

Riyo is also oppressed by Eurasian-looking field supervisor “Antone” while other Asian women console her. One of those Asian women who helps her, “Kana,” has a husband (“Kanzaki”) that beats her and gambles. Kana advises Riyo to idolize a white man as a romantic partner. Antone also threatens Kana that he’ll use whips on the workers like he used to. Antone also ignores Kana’s request to have the women’s children closer to them. Kana and her child die in a fire due to Antone’s rushing the burning process or sugarcane harvesting. Antone mocks her when Riyo starts singing in the fields, her act of rebellion and triumph (source).

As expected, the film is directed and produced by Asian woman. Released by Miramax.

The Usual Suspects
1995 – “Mr. Kobayashi” a.k.a white-washed Yellow Peril.
Beyond Rangoon 1995 – American tourist (white woman) kills Asian man that tries to rape her (source). Originally saw this film mentioned by Ethnic Muse.
Strange Days
1995 – Opener is the white protagonist watching people kill Asian men (called “chinks” in the film) at a restaurant. The glee this guy had watching this was disturbing. Also, weird Japanese guy is another character.
Nixon 1995 – Humanizes Nixon, who killed a million Indo-Chinese, through using the “monster” Mao as a foil…? >:/. That’s pretty pathetic. Also, fuck Anthony Hopkins, and Westworld, the most unabashedly anti-Asian-male American TV show currently in broadcast.
La Senorita Lee 1995 – Short film. Asian woman must choose between her Latino man or an Asian doctor her parents are forcing on her (source: Ethnic Muse). Probably spawn of The Joy Luck Club.
Father of the Bride Part II 1995 – Asian man plays extremely effeminate (emasculation) assistant (subservience) to a white man. Trope seen in cultural products such as Entourage (2004-2011).
The Hunted 1995 – White man attacked by ninja clan, who target him due to his association with the Asian woman he slept with (Asian Male Misogyny Myth). Ninja clan is led by hapa (only part-white Asian can have a leadership skill). Movie also features samurais and Yakuza (that’s all we can be). One of the yakuza leaders also buys an Asian woman from her uncle (Asian Male Misogyny) and then kills her. Kinjo avenges her because he’s part-white and thus somewhat moral. Another Asian man uses white man as bait. Gets killed. White man kills trained ninja leader hapa to save Asian girl (white savior). (Source.)
Casino 1995 – Japanese man antagonized as someone who sucks the money dry from the protagonist’s casino. Calls him a “whale.” I caught that, Scorcese.
Mortal Kombat 1995 – Yellow Peril.
Tank Girl 1995 – James Hong plays cybernetics doctor (double stereotype). (Source.) (See: Blade Runner [1982].)
Midnight Man 1995 – Yellowfaced detective vs. evil Cambodians (source).
Bad Company 1995 – James Hong as an Asian bookie (source). Asian merchant/seller stereotype. (See: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie.)
Thunder in Paradise 3 1995 – Hulk Hogan movie. Japanese man plays “Mason Lee” who takes a school hostage (source).


Leon: The Professional 1994 – Hordes of Asian male gangsters (villainization). Called “chinks” in the film. Directed by anti-Asian-male Luc Besson (see: Lucy, From Paris with Love, UnleashedTransporter, The Fifth Element, Kiss of the Dragon).
The Seventh Floor 1994 – Psychotic Asian killer tries to kill white woman (source: Ethnic Muse). Australian production. Not surprised. Additionally, an internet forum also pointed out a crucial point: the danger of this film is that it shows that even an assimilated Asian man is a threat.
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor 1994 – The Kickboxer franchise returns to form as “Tong Po,” the Yellow-faced Asian primary antagonist makes a return. In this film, the white man who was framed for murder must save his wife from the evil Tong Po, a murderous maniac. As the misogynistic Asian man he is, Tong Po also has many sex slaves. He also tortures a woman to death (“Darcy”). (Source.)
Double Happiness 1994 – Canadian The Joy Luck Club knock-off starring Sandra Oh. Once again, pushing the narrative of a strict Asian father (who emasculates his own son by disowning him) who only cares about money “oppressing” an Asian woman. Said Asian woman hates going on arranged dates with rich Chinese men. Despite her father wanting her to marry a Chinese man, she has the hots for an awkward white male and has a white female friend (source). Another case of self-hate.
The Shadow 1994 – Ex-opium dealer played by Alec Baldwin vs. semi-white-washed Genghis Khan descendant/villain (who wakes up from a sarcophagus). More Yellow Peril (source). 
Pulp Fiction 1994 – Cartoon making fun of Innuits (conflated with Asian male stereotypes) is a focal point of a scene involving Christopher Waken talking about greedy “gooks.”
The Next Karate Kid 1994 – Mystical Old Asian Man, Mr. Miyagi (otherization + asexualization via geriatrification).
Speed 1994 – Cowering Asian man (with glasses) in the elevator (emasculation).
Deadly Target 1994 – White men and Asian woman take down Asian-male gangsters.


The Joy Luck Club 1993

According to this adaptation of Amy Tan’s novel, Asian men are all cheating, undesirable, abusive, polygamous, racist assholes that can’t ever satisfy a woman. On the other hand, white men make better husbands (source).

Amy Tan’s novel was one of the seminal pieces of cultural product in terms of peddling the “Asian male patriarchy/misogyny” Myth. While Asian men are the least misogynistic group of males, the aforementioned myth is used frequently as faulty justification for why white men are better.

Robocop 3 1993 – Backdrop: Detroit.

Evil Japanese CEO tries to oust people out of their home. He develops ninja androids with Asian faces that all look the same (triple stereotype) called Otomo to fight rebels. (See: Terminator Genisys [2015].) Otomo is seen meditating because robots meditate. He is beat by Robocop as his head is blown off and he keeps swinging his sword without a head (dehumanization). In another scene, Asian Male Body Horror is used. In the end, Evil Japanese CEO literally kowtows to Robocop and others. Oh, and the Asian chick helps the heroes take down evil Asian men (source).

Eerily reminiscent of hate crime incident against Vincent Chin.

Menace II Society 1993 – Korean man is shot dead. Korean man is depicted as a racist, dishonest (with money), accented liquor store owner. The murder is caught on video, and is a source of entertainment for characters. (S.O. to r/asianmasculinity user who suggested I watch this scene.)
Wayne’s World 2 1993 – James Hong at it again, this time, as an Asian man who, turns out, knows kung fu. The character’s daughter, however, is a normal Asian woman.
Rising Sun 1993 – White prostitute killed. Japanese man is an initial suspect (see: Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future PastGhost in the Shell, LucyNow You See Me 2, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Fargo, Office Christmas Party, Kiss of the Dragon, etc.) This Japanese man is killed by other Japanese. They just can’t make a movie with the Japanese in it without the Yakuza who bury a white man in wet concrete, and immoral businessmen who may or may not have been aware of the cover-up of the prostitute’s murder and may or may not have punished a scapegoat to escape implication. (Source.)
Falling Down 1993 – White protagonist attacks Asian convenience store owner (stereotype) for not being able to speak proper Engish, like confusing “L”s and “R”s. Har har. (See: Lucy).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 1993 – Due to a technicality of travelling through time, he switches clothes with a woman (emasculation). His father is an oppressive Asian man/warlord, whom an Asian female rebel is trying to overthrow. Additionally small Asian boy needs saving. Warlord is eventually vanquished in a comedic way (emasculation, dehumanization). (Source.) Apparenty, American kids are able to relate to talking turtles more than Asian men.
Johnny’s Golden Quest 1993 – “Dr. Zin.”
The Ballad of Little Jo 1993 – Asian manservant rescued from lynching by a white woman who pretends to be a man (emasculation). He eventually falls sick and dies (source). (See: Japanese Story [2003].) Originally saw this film mentioned by Ethnic Muse.


Talons of the Eagle 1992 – Main antagonists are Chinese gangsters. Also features old Asian kung fu master stereotype, who guides the protagonists.
The Lover 1992 – French film. Wealthy but awkward Asian man who lacks confidence has an affair with a 15 year-old white girl. Girl says the man’s body lack signs of masculinity (source: Ethnic Muse).
American Me 1992 – Asian man “El Japo” is a gang member (villainization). (Source.)
Kickboxer 3: Art of War 1992 – Asian sidekick to white man. (See: the previous Kickboxer films about a white man vs. a Yellow-faced Asian man “Tong Po.”)


Showdown in Little Tokyo 1991 – Asian men are, against, criminals in need of vanquishing by a white male. The attempt to depict Asian men as gratuitously misogynistic to (white) women, is so over-the-top, it’s comical. Part-Asian Brandon Lee is one of the protagonists, however, because he at least has some good (white genes) in him.
Double Impact 1991 – Triad squad kills protagonists’ parents. (One of the protagonist’s name is literally Chad, lol.) After one of their girlfriends is taken hostage and torture, the protagonists kill a bunch of Asian men (source).
Samurai Cop 1991 – Japanese villain is a character that no one wants to fuck, keeps trying to hook up with a white woman who really loves the white protagonist, and brings crime to a peaceful town.
A Thousand Pieces of Gold 1991 – Asian girl is sold by her family. She is sold to an old Chinese merchant. He tries to sell her virginity off to the highest bidder. White man swoops in and prevents transaction. Pissed off Chinese man says she needs to work to pay off the money he would have gotten from selling her virginity. At one point, Chinese man sexually assaults the Asian girl. She marries the white man and lives happily ever after (source).
Father of the Bride 1991 – Asian man plays extremely effeminate (emasculation) assistant (subservience) to a white man. Trope seen in cultural products such as Entourage (2004-2011).
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back 1991 – White man vs. primary antagonist is a Yellow-Faced Asian man  “Tong Po.”
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze 1991 – Yellow Peril. American kids are able to relate to talking turtles more than Asian men.
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis 1991 – Japs attack and heroic American medical soldier is heroic (see: Hacksaw Ridge [2016]). (Source.)
Mystery Date 1991 – Mysterious Old Asian Man stereotype via “Fortune Teller” character.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 – Yellow Peril. American kids are able to relate to talking turtles more than Asian men.

Come See the Paradise 1990

White male falls in love with Japanese woman (who rejects Asian man) in late 30’s California. Her “racist” Japanese parents forbid her from seeing this man, while the state law forbids miscegenation. That’s right, somehow Asian “racism” is at equal footing with a fucking legal system, that his own people set up. LOL.

The two lovers elope to Seattle. When WWII breaks out, the “racist” Asian father is put into an internment camp. LOL. (Source).

Goodfellas 1990 – Only Asian males are chefs in the kitchen.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990

Mr. Katsuji” is a stereotypical Japanese tourist, annoying everyone by taking pictures incessantly. He is played by the “Long Duk Dong” guy.

Don’t forget about “Mr. Wing,” who sells the Gremlin. Mysterious Asian stereotype. He also dies in this movie.

Jacob’s Ladder 1990 – Viets are the enemies!


Tango and Cash 1989

Chinese are criminals. Features an interrogation scene where a white man emasculates an Asian man. The session is called “English 101.” One of the most emasculating scenes in film history (may have inspired the one in Fight Club).

In one deleted scene, after Cash vanquishes a Chinese assassin, he says, “I hate you karate guys.”

License to Kill
1989 – Two Hong Kong Narcotics Bureau officers get in the way of Bond’s plan; they are eventually killed off.
Kickboxer 1989 – White man (Van Damme) beats up Asian men. Primary antagonist is a Yellow-Faced Asian man  “Tong Po.” (See: Bloodsport [1988]; Terror of the Tongs [1961].)
UHF 1989 – The Asian actor who played “Long Duk Dong” here plays a stereotypical martial artist. With an overblown accent… even though the actor speaks perfect English.
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects
1989 – Japanese businessman, in imitation of a train groping he saw in Tokyo, gropes a white woman in LA. He runs away when she screams and in the process is beaten by a mugger. This same man loses his daughter to a gang and needs the assistance of law enforcement to get her back (source). Originally saw this film mentioned by Ethnic Muse.
Gleaming the Cube 1989 –  Skater movie. White male lead’s Viet stepbrother is strangled to death after figuring out a conspiracy behind the efforts of a Vietnamese relief fund organization. The organization is actually smuggling weapons into Vietnam. It is headed by a Viet Colonel. One of his henchman follows the white lead; the henchman is killed by a white antagonist. White lead dates his dead Viet stepbrother’s girlfriend, who is the Colonel’s daughter. While lead gets chased down by Viet gang members. The white antagonist kills the Colonel, but everything works out and the WMAF couple lives happily ever after (source). Originally saw this film mentioned by Ethnic Muse
Black Rain
1989 – Michael Douglas’s character goes to Japan to take out Japanese-male garbage.
Do the Right Thing 1989 – Helpless, accented Korean shop owner begs to be spared saying that he is also black.
The Last Warrior 1989 – White man must use the jungle to his advantage to kill the evil Japs hunting him.
The Vineyard 1989 – Asian man plays old man who kills young people for their youth. Directed by said Asian man… (source).
The Karate Kid Part III 1989 – Mystical Old Asian Man, Mr. Miyagi (otherization + asexualization via geriatrification).
Family Business 1989 – Asian man plays immoral Professor.


Rambo: First Blood Part II 1988 – More Viets killed.
Bloodsport 1988 – White man (Van Damme) beats up Asian men. This film basically made Van Damme. Why? Cus Americans love seein’ this shit. (See: Kickboxer [1989].)
Die Hard 1988 – Of course the Asian guy dies (why else would he be in the movie?). Not to mention the Asian henchman (subordination, villainization).
Braddock: Missing in Action III 1988 – Third movie in the series featuring a sadistic Asian-male military antagonist. This General kills Braddock’s (Chuck Norris) wife and puts Braddock and his half-Asian son in a torture camp. The General captures missionary kids. Braddock escapes with his half-Asian son kills countless Asian men and the General. Oh, and four people died in the making of this movie (source).
Bulletproof 1988 – Tagawa is a “Thug” (source).
Twins 1988 – Tagawa as “Oriental Man” (source).


Full Metal Jacket 1987

Viet men are otherized throughout the film.

In the end, you are expected to sympathize with a dying Viet female soldier. Of course, the gender could never be reversed with an Asian man. You know their motto: “Rape the women, kill all the men”…

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise 1987 – Veteran actor plays weird, Old Asian man, who is also written to be excessively disgusting and unappealing (desexualization via geriatrification and otherization).
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1987 – Asian guy from Police Academy 3 (1986).
China Girl 1987 – Asian men are gangsters in this WMAF film (source).
Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 – Viets are so weird man! Good going, Robin Williams!


Robocop 1986 Asian man part of antagonist’s gang. Gets shot and dies. 
Platoon 1986 – Viets are the enemy. White and black soldiers take revenge on evil Viets for lynching an Af-Am man. Asian male horde villainization (source: Ethnic Muse).
Big Trouble in Little China 1986 – James Hong and other Asian men are LITERAL Fu Manchus with long-ass Chinese nails.
Police Academy 3: Back in Training 1986 – Incompetent Asian man is just an object of comedy for a string of anti-Asian-male “jokes.”
The Karate Kid Part II 1986 – White male saves Asian woman from evil Asian man who threatens her with a knife. Also, Mystical Old Asian Man, Mr. Miyagi (otherization + asexualization via geriatrification).
Kung Fu: The Movie 1986 – David Carradine movie (source). Stereotypes abound.
The Golden Child 1986 – Eddie Murphy movie. Features “Doctor Hong,” the obligatory Mystical Old Asian Man.
Armed Response 1986 – David Carradine movie. Asian men are just yakuzas and Tongs… again. (Source.)
Field of Dishonor 1986 – Dutch. Myth of Asian Male Misogyny (source: r/hapas).


The Goonies 1985 – Asian nerd.
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning 1985 – Sadistic Viet Colonel tortures American POWs. Goes back on deal and gives sick POW opium instead, causing him to die. The Viet Colonel also betrays his French partner-in-crime. White male protagonist (Chuck Norris) kills hordes of Asian men (source).
Year of the Dragon 1985 – Asian men are rapists, misogynistic, and Triads. Features WMAF (source).
Brazil 1985 – This film does not add to the list count. In the climactic battle, the white man must overcome a samurai. What is this, The Wolverine (2013)?
Pray For Death 1985 – Just, no.
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins 1985 – Mystical old Asian man (stereotype, desexualization) lacks empathy and is a dick to our white protagonist (source). (S.O. to Asian male redditor “walt_hartung” who recommended this film.)


Sixteen Candles 1984 – Long Duk Dong. Need I say more?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

“Short Round” is an example of Asian male infantilization. Infantilization is a subset of emasculation. It pervades the industry because Hollywood cannot fathom an Asian man. The only way Asian males can be tolerated is they are infantilized, asexualized, thus emasculated. (Look up Up, From Dusk Till Dawn, Gran Torino, etc.) Short Round is allowed to be a sidekick because he is a child. Asian men must be fought as antagonists or die as sidekicks.

Kao Kan,” “Lao Che” and “Chen” are evil Asian men and antagonists. Kao Khan tries to poison Jones (stereotype of using poisons). Chen is killed in a humorous manner (source). This family indulges in the stereotypes around evil Asian male criminals and the overbearing Asian father.

Wu Han” is Indiana Jone’s sidekick. He is eventually killed off (source) since he’s an Asian male. He is killed by the evil Asian male Chen (source). As revealed in the novelization, he is half-white (source), which explains why he was allowed to be on the white male protagonist’s side.

The Karate Kid 1984 – Mystical Old Asian Man, Mr. Miyagi (otherization + asexualization via geriatrification). This is some “Pai Mei” shit.
Missing In Action 1984 – Chuck Norris’s character must save American POWs still being held captive by an evil Viet 10 years after the war. He slaughters Viet men, using martial arts to fight them (source). (S.O. to Ben from the comment section.)
Gremlins 1984 – “Mr. Wing” sells the Gremlin in his Oriental shop. Mysterious Asian stereotype. Same bullshit trope of the Magical Orient seen in Wish Upon (2017), Freaky Friday (2003) (not on this list), Forbidden Kingdom (2008), etc.
Revenge of the Nerds 1984 – “Takashi” is a Japanese nerd (stereotype) with heavy accent (perpetual foreigner). Gambles (stereotype). Is told what a “hair pie” is by a white guy (sexless Asian stereotype).
Once Upon a Time in America 1984 – De Niro’s character goes to an opium den staffed by Asian men (news source).
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension 1984 – White-washing of Asian man.


A Christmas Story 1983 – Fa Ra Ra Ra at “Chop Suey Palace.” Asian men are always jokes.
Zelig 1983 – Woody Allen dons yellow face several times. In Magic in the Moonlight (2014), he makes Colin Firth don a Fu Manchu Yellowface.
Girls of the White Orchid 1983 – Asian men try to rape white woman. Asian men are sex traffickers of white women (source: Ethnic Muse).
High Road to China 1983 – White male helps defend Asian village from Asian warlord. He is vanquished.
The Last Ninja 1983 – Why does the last [insert Asian warrior type] have to be a white male? (source: Ethnic Muse).


Blade Runner 1982 – Old (asexualization) Asian man plays weird and grotesque (asexualization) doctor (stereotype) who, by his own words, only does work on eyes. An eye is also seen coming out of a box with Asian symbols. Hollywood focuses on the Asian male eye way too fucking much (e.g., Slow West, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Minority Report, Blindness, The Man with the Iron Fists, Cars 2, Hancock, etc.) Asianness is also a symbol for the alien (see: Gangs of New York), and contributes to a feeling of isolation in many scenes. They also cast evil corporate head Tyrell with a white male that looks very Asian. He later gets his eyes squished into his head by a blonde white male, whom some call an “Aryan.” The old Asian male cook who can’t communicate with Deckard (Perpetual Male Foreigner) is also bad representation.
First Blood 1982 – Beginning of the Rambo franchise. Viets are evil and they tortured our protagonist! On a side note, R.I.P. Vincent Chin.
The Year of Living Dangerously 1982 – Yellowface of Asian man by a white woman (source). (See: Dr. Strange, Twin Peaks.)
Conan the Barbarian 1982Yellowfacing by one of the roles (source). 
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1982 – Genghis Khan? Yellow Peril. Also Vulcans are basically Asian. C’mon.


Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 – Yellowfaced henchmen (villification of Asian men.)
Hardly Working 1981 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen 1981 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Thief 1981 – Chinese-male waiter speaks in an accent and shit grammar (stereotypes).


Flash Gordon 1980 – A Fu Manchu called “Ming the Merciless” is the antagonist in this story about an American football player (symbolic of America). (Source.) He is merciless because he is Asian and thus has no humanity. Inspired Seth McFarlane’s Ted (2012).
The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu 1980 – Dat Yellow Peril + Yellowface by Peter Sellers (as usual). (Source.)
The Final Countdown 1980 – The US Navy and Hollywood team up for a Yellow Peril film (source). Let this be a primer to your understanding of this film.
Airplane! 1980 – James Hong as the inscrutable Asian man.


Apocalypse Now 1979 – Viet men are villains.


The Deer Hunter 1978 – Viet men are villains.
Revenge of Pink Panther 1978 – Peter Sellers dons Yellowface (again). (Source.)


The World’s Greatest Lover 1977 – James Hong is literally “Yes man #3” (emasculation).
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 – Screaming Asiantic men made to look barbaric.
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope 1977 – This film does not add the list count. Jawa traders are probably a stand-in for Asian men: Tiny, loud, speaks indecipherable language, and show their stinginess as a merchant race.


Network 1976 – Movie has an obsession with Mao Zedong.
Murder by Death 1976 – Peter Sellers in Yellowface (as usual). (Source.)
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie 1976 – White man kills Chinese gangsters. That’s it. Lol.


One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing 1975 – Yellowface of multiple Asian men (source).


Chinatown 1974 – All Chinese are evil, untrustworthy, creepy, etc. Uncle Chan Veteran James Hong makes an appearance.
The Green Hornet 1974 – Bruce Lee reduced to an Asian male/House-chan sidekick (aka Subordination, Emasculation). The TV show was edited together and released as a feature film.
The Bunny Caper 1974 – In the film, a white woman tries to seduce an Asian official (as part of a game) (tumblr source). All he can do is look at her exposed body/breasts like a mad dog with a goofy smile (creepy pervert steretotype), and can only respond with “Thank you, thank you” to her words. When she tries to have sex with him, he insists that they play ping pong (mind you the only words he knows are “Thank you, thank you”). She fails in convincing him, and they just decide to play ping pong (asexual Asian man stereotype). The Asian man is, again, objectified as an object of comedy.
The Man with the Golden Gun 1974 – “Nick Nack.” Note that little people are also very dehumanized in the media, although nowhere to the extent of Asian men.
The Godfather Part II 1974 – Sonny talks about the “Japs.”


Lost Horizon 1973 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).


The Carey Treatment 1972 – Adaptation. White man saves an Asian man who accidentally killed a white woman during an illegal abortion (source).


McCabe & Mrs. Miller 1971 – White woman says, “I’m not fucking any Chinaman” around other white women/Asian woman. Somehow, they just had to emasculate Asian men in a fucking Western. Happens from time to time. Oh, a woman also says that “chinks” prefer fucking white women over other chinks (source: r/hapas).
Escape from the Planet of the Apes 1971 – French, German, and lastly, Japanese male newscaster talks about the shocking arrival of the “ape-o-nauts.” Example of the overused trope of showing how far-reaching something is by saying that even Asians know it. Because Asians, usually men, are farthest thing from Western civilization (see other examples of this Asian-male objectification in 2017 Tide Superbowl adLimitless [2011], Minority Report [2002], The Truman Show [1998], Frank [2014], Rosemary’s Baby [1968], Spectre [2015], etc.) Additionally, Japanese man is senile (desexualization), small (stereotype), and has glasses (stereotype).


The Aristocats 1970 – Watch this. Chopsticks, Chinese accent, and the jingle. You gotta start ’em young.
The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go 1970 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).


The Castle of Fu Manchu 1969 – (Source.)


The Blood of Fu Manchu 1968 – (Source.)
The Green Berets 1968 – Viet men are rapists (again). John Wayne movie (source: Ethnic Muse).
Rosemary’s Baby 1968 – Asian man objectified; his sole purpose is to, as the perpetual foreigner, is to be foreign and to show how far-reaching the Satanist cult is.


You Only Live Twice 1967 – James Bond diguises himself as a Japanese (source). (See: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [2011].)
Belle de Jour 1967 – Weird foreign Chinese man with foreign bug contraption pays for sex with white woman.
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu 1967 – (Source.)


Invasion 1966 – Aliens invade Earth. They resemble Asians (source).
The Brides of Fu Manchu 1966 – British/German film. How appropriate. (Source.)
7 Women 1966 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).


The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation 1965 – Short animated film with villains “Weft,” “Wight,” and “Wong.” Drawn stereotypically Asian and says “Confusion” sayings (play on Confucian) (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Face of Fu Manchu 1965 – British/German film. How appropriate. Britain dealt the opium, and Kaiser Wilhelm II fathered “Yellow Peril.” (Source.)
The Return of Mr. Moto 1965 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Genghis Khan 1965 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).


Goldfinger 1964 – “Oddjob,” the henchman. Need I say more? (See: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery [1997].)
7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1964 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).


Dr. No 1962 – That’s right. James Bond started because of Yellow Peril. This is just a goofy-ass, cheesy-ass, Uncle Tom-having, East Asian-aesthetics-appropriating, Asian-male-misogyny-myth-propagating, Asian-male-expending, Yellow-Peril-fear-mongering, Asian-man-emasculating, Asian-dehumanizing (“With you disregard for human life, you must be working for the East”) pile of Anglo shit.
The Manchurian Candidate 1962 – Yellow Peril & Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Satan Never Sleeps 1962 – Oppressed white priest in China harassed by Commies. Asian girl has the hots for him. Asian men destroy his little chapel. Asian man rapes Asian girl. Meanwhile, another white man saves everyone through self-sacrifice… (source).
Brushfire 1962 – Asian men are rapists to be vanquished (source: Ethnic Muse).
Majority of One 1962 – Yellowface of Asian man by Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi). (Source.)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 – Mr. Yunioshi. Need I say more?
Flower Drum Song 1961 – (Journal source).
Terror of the Tongs 1961 – Yellowfacing of multiple Asian men by Christopher Lee (Saruman). (Source.) Even Confucius makes an appearance (source).
The Moutain Road 1960 – Yellowface of an Asian man (source).


Five Gates of Hell 1959 – Shares its lineage with a long list of films that feature Viet rapists (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
1958 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 – O.G. Sessue Hayakawa plays the evil Japanese (again).
China Gate 1957
Sayonara 1957 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Teahouse of the August Moon 1956 – Yellowface of Asian man by Marlon Brando (source).
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu 1956 – (Source.)
The King and I 1956 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Conqueror 1956 – Yellowface of Asian man by John Wayne (source).
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing 1955 – Its the oppressed white-male-hapa-couple vs. the “racist” Chinese! (Source.)
Blood Alley 1955 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Left Hand of God 1955 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Bad Day at Black Rock 1955 – Like many films, the death of an Asian man is but a plot device (source).
Three Came Home 1950 – Evil Jap tries to rape heroine; Japs kill and torture for no reason (source).


Tokyo Joe 1949 – Asian man smuggles in war criminals in Japan and tries to start anti-American movement (source).
The Black Widow 1947 – Yellowface of an Asian man who vies for global domination (source).
Know Your Enemy: Japan 1945 – Propaganda film whose sole purpose was to villify the Japanese (source: Ethnic Muse). Available in all its glory on Netflix (source: r/asiantwox).
First Yank in Tokyo
1945White man uses surgery to look Asian. Rescues American from the evil Japanese (source).
The Red Dragon 1945 – Yellowface of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Jade Mask 1945 – Yellowface of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
Ziegfeld Follies
 1945 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Scarlet Clue 1945 – Yellowface of Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
Anna and the King of Siam 1944 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 1944 – Yellowface of an Asian man (source).
Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat 1944 – Yellowface of an Asian man (source).
Black Magic 1944 – Yellowface of an Asian man (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Purple Heart 1944 – (Journal source).
The Dragon Seed 1944 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Der Fuehrer’s Face 1943 – Donald Duck short film. Racist depiction of Japanese man (blog source).
Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs 1943 – Extremely anti-black film where “Murder, Inc.” is willing to kill “Japs” for “free” (source: Ethnic Muse). Also dehumanizes little people.
You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap 1942 – Popeye short film. Racist depiction of Japanese men (blog source).
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. 1942 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Puss n’ Toots 1942 – Tom & Jerry short film. Visual gag mocking Chinese men. Read about it here and here.
Prisoner of Japan 1942 – Yellowface of an Evil Jap (soure: Ethnic Muse).
Shanghai Gesture 1941 – Yellowface of Asian men (source: Ethnic Muse).
The Phantom of Chinatown – The Chinese are evil (journal source).
Drums of Fu Manchu 1940 – (Source.)


The Mystery of Mr. Wong 1939  – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Island of Lost Men 1939  – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mr. Moto’s Last Warning 1939 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mr. Moto in Danger Island 1939 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation 1939 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mysterious Mr. Moto 1938 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mr. Moto Takes a Chance 1938 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Mr. Moto’s Gamble 1938 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Think Fast, Mr. Moto 1937 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Thank You, Mr. Moto 1937 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Good Earth 1937 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
San Francisco 1936 – (Journal source.)
Limehouse Blues 1934 – A white man Yellowfaces the role of “Harry Young” even though the actor who plays his wife is full Asian (Asian men are too unappealing). He runs a smuggling operation (stereotype). He falls for a white woman he gave a job to, and keeps tries to keep her financially dependent even when she wants to work elsewhere. The white woman falls in love with a white man. Young arranges for the white man to be killed. His angry Asian wife rats him out to the police. He sacrifices his own live to call off the hit on the white man and removes all association the white woman had with her criminal past doing work for Young. Now the white couple can live happily ever after (source from r/hapas).
Mysterious Mr. Wong 1934 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Painted Veil 1934 – (Journal source.)
The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1933 – Backdrop is 1920’s China where white missionaries try to save the depraved locals during a time of Civil War (lol). General Yen, played by a white man, gives two white people trying to save Chinese orphans (lol) a form that ultimately gets their car stolen. One of them is Megan, who is detained by the General. She is abhorred by all the torture that the General is in charge of. Additionally, Megan indirectly helps the General’s concubine (actually a spy) relay info about the General’s war chest to an enemy. Having lost all his funds, the General is deserted. So he cries and kills himself with poisonous tea. Megan is suggested to have romantic inclinations toward the General (source).
The Son of Kong 1933 – (Journal source.)
The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932 – (Source)
Shanghai Express 1932 – Devious Yellowfacing Eurasian “Chang” is interested in a white woman, but she is saved by a white man. After being knocked down by the white man, Chan is stabbed to death by an Asian woman. White lovers go on happily every after (source). 
The Secrets of Wu Sin
1932 – “Wu Sin” tries to control whom his niece marries (source). Pathetic reference to “sin” and Mr. Wu (1927).
The Hatchet Man 1932 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Daughter of the Dragon 1931 – Yellowface/Fu Manchu (source).
Chinatown After Dark 1931 – Chinese are evil (journal source).
The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu 1930 – (Source.)


The Mysterious Mr. Fu Manchu 1929 – (Source.)
Mr. Wu
1927 – Yellowface. Chinese father kills daughter because she loves a white (British) man (source).
The Thief of Bagdad 1924 – Mongol female and Ahmed (Douglas Fairbanks) vs. Mongol men (source: Ethnic Muse).


Broken Blossoms 1919 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
The Forbidden City 1918 – Yellowface of Asian man (source).
Madame Butterfly 1915 – Yellowface of several Asian men (source).
The Cheat 1915 – Sessue Hayakawa, Hollywood’s original sex-symbol is a villain here, asking, “Where the white women at?” He brands a woman and gets shot by her (source). Nothing has changed.


Dishonorable Mentions

The films on this list do not add to the list count of the actual films list unless stated otherwise. Some films are strictly anti-Asian male, while others are just anti-Asian. Some films are “To Be Monitored” and some are “Dishonorable Mentions.” 

[To Be Monitored]

Party Boat 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Things featured in this trailer: white male protagonist trying to take white female away from AMWF, white female reciprocating the white male’s signals and, near the end, the white male cutting off the Asian male because he’s acting stupid.
First They Killed My Father 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian female protagonist? Check. Asian dad killed? Check. Evil Asian men? Check. Based on true events so the distributor automatically can’t have ulterior motives? Fuck no. Thanks, Netflix.
The LEGO Ninjago Movie 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Stereotyped to hell with Uncle (Jackie) Chan willfully participating. Let’s see how that plays out.
Battle of the Sexes 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. One of the people at the Gambler’s Anonymous meeting was a disheveled Asian man (stereotype, bad optics).
The Circle 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. In the trailer, only Asian male was a stereotypical nerd. We’ll see how this goes.
Wish Upon 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. Chinese artifact causes problem for whites (see: Freaky Friday). We’ll see what Lee does.
Okja 2017 – This film does not add to the list count. In the coming months, I will try to verify this report myself (ignore the term “YT”). This damning analysis also does not bode well.
The Emoji Movie 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. From the promotional materials, they seem to make use of a variety of “Asian” emojis. One such emoji was a Japanese fishcake emoji that had bucktooth.
Black Panther 2018 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Looks like one of the settings is Hong Kong or some other Chinese locale. Let’s see what happens to Asian men in that set piece and why the protagonists are even there in the first place.
Life of the Party 2018 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Comedy film starring Jimmy O. Yang who is always give shit roles. We’ll see how it goes.
Hellboy 2018 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Ben Daimio set to be played by a white male in an upcoming film adaptation (source: r/asianamerican). Update: Due to the backlash, Daimio will now be played by a full Asian man (source), since Daimio is a full Asian man.
Mulan 2019 – This film does not add to the list count. White woman directing. Attempted white-male savior story averted. Will be monitored.
Yasuke TBA – This film does not add to the list count. Story about the first African samurai (real figure). There’s already mention of a scene with racist Japanese. Let’s see if this is another film where the protagonist kills hordes of evil, misogynistic Asian men and bed the Asian woman. Will be monitored.
Crazy Rich Asians TBA – This film does not add to the list count. Warner Bros. funds film to perpetuate Model Minority Myth and Yellow Peril. But no one cares about the facts. Additionally, the male lead role is semi-white-washed and full Asian men are mostly comic relief characters. Let’s see how all this plays out.
Little Dragon TBA – This film does not add to the movies list count. Non-East Asian director to helm Young Bruce Lee biopic. We’ll see how it goes. But “Little Dragon”? I can see the jokes already.
Juliet, Naked TBA – This film does not add to the movies list count. This new bit of info has be very worried.
Blazing Samurai TBA – This film does not add to the movies list count. Why?
The Victory Lounge TBA – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian man is cast as a “thug.” We’ll see how this goes.

[Dishonorable Mentions]


What Happened to Monday 2017 – Incompetent Asian male henchman killed by white female lead. Later, you see an Asian male security guard working for the evil C.A.B. In the opening sequence showing various crowds, the Asian crowd is accentuated visually while a voiceover begins to talk about overpopulation. The film is also clearly attacking the One-Child Policy (no longer in effect). That could be why a female protagonist was chosen (but we know the myth of infanticide of girls in China has been debunked). And is it a coincidence that the white female lead looks very Asian in the film? Thanks, Netflix.
Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Film uses Asian male as pawn for anti-Chinese propaganda (source). (See: Mao’s Last Dancer.) Premiered at Sundance, released on Netflix (source). Thanks, guys.
Gifted 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. The grandmother forces the innocent little female protagonist Mary to solve the Navier-Stokes problem. One of the tutors she hires is an Asian male. Upon finding them, white male lead tells the tutors, “You two, out.” They silently leave. 
2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. China brought in for no reason. Clip highlighting Xi’s bad hairdo shown for no reason. Thanks, Netflix.
War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 – Anywhere from 3-5 separate Asian male soldiers. The soldiers are the bad guys. A couple of them are seen guarding the apes. One of them shoots at apes. “Bad Ape” is a sickly-looking and blundering comic-relief character that gets ordered around. His speech sounds like an old Asian man’s. 
Power Rangers
2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Despite Asian-male character “Zack Taylor” presumably having a white father, for those who didn’t catch that quick reference to his full name, it could seem like he has an absentee Asian father. Lolwut? (See: Up [2009].) Zack also fucks around, almost causing the other protagonists to die, and gets into a fight with the white-male ranger (source). (Also see: Power/Rangers [2015].) Trivia: Note that the Power Rangers was adapted from a Japanese IP. Bonus: Notice anything? How about now? Reminds me of how “Roman” is placed at the bottom.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. One scene involving the “Ravagers” features a man made to look grotesque, with messed-up/missing teeth and the whole works. The man is probably Asian male. This will be confirmed at a later time. 
Sophie and the Rising Sun
 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. The white woman is an individual (“Sophie”), while the Asian man represents his whole, foreign nation (“Rising Sun”). As an AMWF film, it dealt with bullshit from investors (source).
Wonder Woman 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Secondary protagonist “Sameer” tries to impress “Diana” by telling her he knows Chinese. Because anything Asian is the farthest thing from western civilization (Far Orient trope).
Detroit 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian male redditor makes an interesting observation. Ignore comments section.
Murder on the Orient Express 2017 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Associates The Orient with death and murder. (See: Sherlock [2010- , TV show], Heavy Rain [2010, video game], Manhunter [1986].)
Gold 2016 – This film does not add to the list count. Neo-imperialist film glorifying white and non-Asian mixed-white men extracting resources from Southeast Asia. Local men are ordered around. In one scene, white-looking male snaps for an Southeast Asian man to play piano. Just another film that juxtaposes good-looking non-Asian men with average-looking, impoverished locals. Elements of white-male saviorism.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Several anti-Japanese/Asian jokes.
The Warrior’s Gate 2016 – This film does not add to the movies list count. White-savior film. Cus Asian men are worthless.
Weiner 2016 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Documentary where Asian male aide is super subservient and colored as quasi-antagonist. Directors also chose to put in Asian politician who seems like he has a stick up his ass.
Trainwreck 2015 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian man is berated by a white female superior (Tilda Swinton), after he objects to Amy Schumer’s character getting the assignment he wanted. He objects, “I can do sexy” (asexual Asian male trope). The white female superior tells him that the magazine isn’t a “medical journal” (evokes Asian doctor stereotype). She tells him, “Don’t sulk at me.” Bonus: Remember that one time Amy Schumer said Asian men are unfuckable and talked about anti-Semitism right after?
Bridge of Spies 2015 – This film does not add to the movies list count. When the protagonist is talking about a Soviet spy, he says that “even aliens, in that case, Chinese immigrants” were to be handled with due process of law. Association between Asians and The Alien/The Foreign is made (Perpetual Foreigner). Partially written by the Coen brothers (Fargo, A Serious Man). Since the villains weren’t Asian in this movie, they just had to squeeze this part in. Directed by Spielberg who was involved with Real Steel.
Inside Out 2015 – This film does not add to the movies list count. During construction scene, one of the workers makes an overt reference (“Forget it Jake, it’s Cloudtown”) to Chinatown (1974). Writers celebrate, with the audience, a film that spreads the myth of how unruly Chinatown and the Chinese are.
John Apple Jack 2013 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian male redditor XenosphereWarrior has englightened me about this gay romance movie starring an Asian man. Asian men are typecast as being gay (Erasure of the Straight Asian Male Identity) in Hollywood. Outside of the West (in Pakistan), the Asian male actor was a romantic lead.
Monsters University 2013 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Randall, with squinty eyes, no backbone, studious nature, and eventual villainy is very stereotypically Asian.
Tokyo Fiancée 2014 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Several stereotypes of Asian men focused upon.
A Dame to Kill for 2014 – This film does not add to the movies list count. The “Yellow Bastard” makes a reappearance. It’s clear he’s just a white man with yellow skin. The color was probably chosen for a visual effect. But the color association could have been subconsciously racist. Just some food for thought.


Moon 2009 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Blogger makes a good point about the Yellow (Male) Perilism in the film. From r/hapas
Funny People
2009 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Family makes fun of Chinese language.
Inglourious Basterds 2009 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Why the fuck does a Nazi have to talk about Fu Manchus? Tarantino, we already know you love that stereotype!
Seventh Moon 2008 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Asian-male protagonist “Yul” dies (always). Like in many other stories, AMWF never works out. Asian-male “Ping” turns out to be an antagonist. He out of guilt sacrifices himself in the end (Asian guy always dies) (source).
Transformers 2007 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. The most unbelievable part of this film is not the talking, sentient alien robots, but the fact that a General said that NK is capable of producing never-before-seen tech that decimated a Murican base. Just Michael Bay and his Yellow Peril (see Pearl Harbor [2001]).
The Prestige 2006 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. I didn’t expect any Asian-male representation. Alas, the film features “Chung Ling Soo,” an old Asian man (asexualization via geriatrification). He doesn’t speak and is a master of deception (stereotypes). He sacrifices his life for it. This character is based on the real-life “Chung Ling Soo,” an American in yellowface who stole the act from another actual Chinese magician.
Stay 2005 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Asian-male psychiatrist with glasses is generally emotionless. Says “neurotic stockbrokers pay better.” It probably wasn’t conscious stereotyping, but it’s likely that the writer’s subconscious belief that Asians are greedy could have played a role in the creation of this scene. How ironic is it then when you find out that the Asian psychiatrist was imagined by a protagonist (Ryan Gosling)? The real one had no glasses and was not a doctor. Sidenote: Within seconds of the film’s opening, a bike-riding man with ninja-like face gear cuts off and pisses off a protagonist (Ewan McGregor). Everyone is startled.
Sin City 2005 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Adaptation. “Roark Jr.” or the “Yellow Bastard” is a pedophile and racist. He gets his dick pulled off by the white male protagonist. In the film, it’s clear he’s just a white man with yellow skin. The color was probably chosen for a visual effect. But the color association could have been subconsciously racist. Just some food for thought.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. “Bobby Ogata” is stereotypically silent. A part-Asian was cast because Wes Anderson cannot fathom full Asian men. His position in the Zissou crew is the “frogman.” While that is an actual word used to describe tactical scuba divers, was it coincidence that the part-Asian man was selected to be called “frogman”? He’s just another prop/token in a Wes Anderson movie. Asian men also only hang out with Asians at the opening ceremony (stereotype).
White Chicks 2004 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Near the end, you can see that the Chinese-male performers are working with the bad guy who is trying to kidnap two women.
Spider-Man 2 2004 – This entry does not ad to the movies list count. Asian man with glasses (stereotype) among group of scientists watching Dr. Octopus’ explanation of the technology of his arms.
Scary Movie 3 2003 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. “Brenda” makes a joke about how Asians are bad at driving.
Freaky Friday 2003 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Asian magic fucks up lives of white people (see: Wish Upon [2017]).
X2 2003 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Asian male bodyguard in the opening scene is the first to fail at his job. However, at least he’s not an antagonistic character like Asian men are in every movie ever made. I appreciate this mostly neutral representation.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Japanese golfer joke. Deleted scene.
Men in Black II 2002 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Within the first few minutes of the film, an Asian male alien makes an appearance. (See entry for one of the most anti-Asian male films of all time, Men In Black 3 [2012].)
Shallow Hal 2001 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. One of the characters that this film deems unattractive is an overweight Hawaiian man. He is called “Li’i Boy” which sounds a lot like “Li” or “Lee” Boy. “Li’i” is not a Hawaiian name. Looks like this could be a subtle (or subconscious) attempt at jabbing Asian men by associating Asian men with the Hawaiian man that the film is insulting. This film is also heartlessly lookist, while trying to do away with lookism.


Office Space 1999 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Asian extra placed all the way in the back (as usual). Deliberate choice. Asian woman on the other hand gets prominent placement. Protagonist and his gf watch kung fu movies with stereotypical Asian men.
Pi 1998 – Asian man shown to be doing Tai Chi (stereotype).
Meet Joe Black 1998 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. Subordinate Asian man workin’ in the kitchen.
Lion King 1995 – This entry does not add to the movies list count. And they say we’re the uncreative ones.
Alien 3 1992 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Stereotypical Asian worker from the evil Weyland-Yukitani Corporation.
Wayne’s World 1992 – This film does not add to the movies list count. “Cream of Sum Yung Gai” joke. See Wayne’s World 2.
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992 – This film does not add to the movies list count. White male mocks Asian car brand while comparing it to a German one.
Reservoir Dogs 1992 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Hmmm (source: r/hapas).


Ping Pong 1987 – This film does not add to the list count. Asian man’s death is used as a plot device to get the film going (dehumanization, devaluation). (See: Filth, Picture Bride, Bad Day at Black Rock, etc.) Protagonist is an Asian female. Unfortunately directed by an Asian man. 
1986 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Yellow Peril via evil Weyland-Yutani Corporation.
 1986 – This films does not add to the movies list count. Asian gambling symbol (not the Red Dragon symbol) associated with the psychopathic killer. The did a similar thing in the Sherlock (2010- ) TV Show and Heavy Rain (2010) video game.
WarGames 1983 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Only Asian male representation in the form of computer scientist nerds.
Breathless 1983 – This film does not add to the movies list count. They literally casted James Hong as a grocer. Because that’s all Asian man can be.


Murder on the Orient Express 1974 – This film does not add to the movies list count. Associates The Orient with death and murder. (See: Sherlock [2010- , TV show], Heavy Rain [2010, video game], Manhunter [1986].)

I’ve noticed that…

A lot of the anti-Asian-male moments in films happen in the opening or closer to the beginning than the end.

Is this some kind of fulfillment of a quota before they get to the real important stuff? Probably. But it also looks like it’s the side-effect of the marginalization of Asian men in the minds of the writers. Because as time goes on, every scene becomes more essential narration-wise, and thus, the hate against Asian men becomes less prevalent (unless the central idea of the movie is to bash Asian men). That’s why they move it into the beginning. They are placed nearer in the beginning, since their scenes are non-essential to the plot (but essential to the act of Western film-making in general). Later on in the movie, the main focus is on the main characters (non-Asians) and the entanglements with which they are involved.

So another rule of thumb, other than “Every film must hate on Asian men” is:

The probability of an Anti-Asian-Male moment occurring decreases as time goes on in the film. 

Here are three obvious examples where the anti-Asian-male scenes occur right at the film’s opening moments to very basically illustrate my point: Kong: Skull Island, The Number 23, Hancock.

To recap, none of the scenes were necessary to the identity or the plot of the film. They were just ham-fisted in there as a desperate attempt to mock Asian men, then move onto the important stuff.

Do they do this to drawn in audiences? The opening has to catch the attention of viewers, and perhaps some focus-testing has found that audiences are most enraptured by anti-Asian-male racism.

In that same vein, a lot of trailers and marketing projects show the anti-Asian-male portions of the film to sell it to white audiences. Think Ghost in the Shell (2017), The Guardians (2017), John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), and Happy Death Day (2017) for examples for 2017. TV show trailers do this. Video Game reveals at E3 do this as well (eg. Beyond Good & Evil, Spider-Man [2018], Anthem).

Why the Numerical Argument for There Being No Asian Male Lead is Bullshit

When I heard of Marvel’s Daredevil (2015- ) and Warner Bros’ The Accountant (2016), I thought they were great ideas. It gave the blind and the autistic heroes to rally behind and gave them good representation.

So when I say those products are racist trash, it’s because they’re racist, and not because I am against giving blind and autistic people a lead hero to root for in the media. (The Daredevil fights stereotypical, dehumanized Asian male ninjas, and a white male gives an antagonist Asian henchman orders until the Asian man, by requirement, is killed off.)

All I want to talk about today was how bullshit the numerical argument of not giving Asian men a lead hero is:

  • Note how there are about 6.4025 million East/Southeast Asian men in the US (source). In other words, about 1.99% of the US population, assuming that the government figure of there being 321.4 million total Americans is correct.
  • And there are about 1.1 million blind people in the US or 0.342% of the population, including Asian males (source).
  • And there are about 3.5 million autistic people in the US or 1.08% of the population, including Asian males (source).

You can now see how the numerical argument is total bullshit. So what separates the Daredevil, the Accountant, and the non-existent mainstream Asian male lead? Hmmm. I think it’s very obvious.

P.S. Speaking of disabilities, being Asian and male is considered a disability in America. But unlike disabilities, they don’t receive sympathy. Being an Asian male is more like being a leper in the old days.

**Note that I did not count Star Wars‘ blind, Asian monk “Chirrut Imwe” for this discussion since he was not a lead and was a stereotype. I also separated East/Southeast Asians from South Asians and Pacific Islanders since lumping the groups together is actually damaging to our respective activist efforts.

Originally posted on July 2017. 


I’m a (straight) Asian guy who likes to watch the occasional film. This is difficult, however, as anywhere from 75-85% of feature-length films created by Westerners are specifically and actively racist towards Asian Men. Recently, it’s about 90-95% of films (economic competition with Asia probably plays a huge role).

Hollywood (TV, and video games) seems to have a special fetish for either emasculating (via infantilization, desexualization, or anti-sexualization), mocking (their accent, behavior, or their looks), or mass-killing off (rendering them dehumanized and expendable) Asian men. At the end of the day, their portrayal is required to be negative. It’s disgusting. It’s also so widespread, I’m beginning to think it’s a fundamental rule of western film-making that’s taught in film schools, or that there is self-imposed or directed intentional quota in the industry. 

It’s disappointing that if a film wants to be famous or well-known, such racism against Asian men is a prerequisite. Anti-Asian male scenes and messages are as important as sound for modern day film. For Asian men who grew up watching this vile garbage, it must have destroyed their psyche.

That’s why all those foreign films I watch are a joy. (Short films, due to time constraints,  also tend to lack this anti-AM agenda with a few exceptions). In short, you would have to be mentally-challenged in some way to deny the conscious (by way of casting, directing, writing, reviewing, and editing) denigration and sexual/existential assault on Asian men by Western filmmakers.

I started this blog, as I was shadowbanned on Letterboxd for my views.

I focus on movies and TV since I believe that moving images, or motion pictures, have the greatest influence on people. It isn’t abstract like visual fine art or text. Each film is a “reality” that can subliminally affect people according to the creator’s agenda. Films are highly viral and are extremely easy to consume. They are essentially memes in which people place emotional investment. That’s why movies (and TV shows) impact culture more than anything else. And this is destroying Asian men in the West.

*Important notes: 

  1. What is my criteria for a film to be on the anti-Asian-male list? Consider these questions: Is the Asian man, who holds the Burden of Representation, represented negatively in any way and has he been cast solely for that reason?Is he white-washed, yellow-faced, or erased?Is he asexualized (through emasculation or infantilization)? Is the straight Asian man punished for expressing his straightness or excluded because his heterosexuality is unfathomable?Is he represented as a villain (without a (heroic) foil)? Is he there solely as a figure of Yellow Peril?Is he otherized? Is he inhuman or alien? Is he solely there for the purpose of perpetuating the stereotypes of him being a Model Minority, Perpetual Foreigner, a racist, a misogynist, or an untrustworthy criminal? Is he there just to mock his asexuality, worthlessness, robotic nature, evil, status as a butt-end of all jokes, slanted eyes, short stature, or his tiny dick?Is he made worthless as he is killed off along with the mass of his brothers?Is he used for the purposes of Body Horror, and does his Asianness contribute to that?If any of those questions are answered with a yes, it has failed the AMDb test, and is by definition, anti-Asian male.WMAF films do not make it onto the list just because they are WMAF, although that is a major problem for Asian men (straight-Asian-male erasure). WMAF fims only make it onto the list if they actively shit on Asian men. Additionally, starring hapas, while contributing to Asian-male erasure, does not get a film on this list, unless it shits on Asian men.
  2. Other margnialized groups are also shat on in films. These groups include Indian men (e.g., Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol), Black women (e.g., Awakenings), Native American men (e.g., Adaptation), Latino men, little people (Willy Wonka), the obese (Wall-E), and many more. However, for every movie they are attacked, there are about 75-100 times the amount of movies that shit on Asian men, the factor depending on the marginalized group (considering movies from 1950-present). Asian men are disproportionately mocked in films (and in TV, video games, music videos, etc.) compared to any other identity group, according to my numerical analyses. Such jabs and stabs in unprecedented numbers, destroys the (straight) Asian male psyche and makes him unable to function as a human being in society. Dripping water can create holes in rocks over time. Another difference between the racist portrayal of other groups and Asian men is that no other group is purposefully treated in such a manner. Asian men and other groups are victims of subconsious racism from film creators. But no other group is purposefully propagandized to be subhuman enemies as much as Asian men.
  3. Please note that I am not anti-gay. Please note that this database comes from the point-of-view of a straight Asian male. Thus, media that try to purposefully erase the Straight Asian Male Identity will be a part of the database. It is not saying gay Asian men are insignificant or aren’t “real” Asian men. They are my brothers, too.

I consider the work I’m doing as being of utmost social importance. I believe I have to shed light on the most ignored social issue today: The fact that Asian men are the most hated group of humans in the Western world. Another question the vastness of this list hopes to answer is: What does it all mean? There are only three possible answers: 1) Asian men are the most hated race by Western peoples due to our “alien” looks and rising economic influence; 2) The industry has a self-imposed rule on depicting us negatively or adheres to a quota applied by another entity; or 3) Both.

*Please note that this blog is in no way associated with IMDb.

List of Anti-Asian Male Films (Counted)

  1. Ghost in the Shell
  2. Death Note
  3. Get Out
  4. Kong: Skull Island
  5. Spider-Man: Homecoming 
  6. Blade Runner 2049
  7. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
  8. John Wick: Chapter 2
  9. Logan
  10. The Fate of the Furious
  11. Guardians
  12. Baby Driver
  13. Fist Fight
  14. Ingrid Goes West
  15. Sandy Wexler
  16. War Machine
  17. What Happened to Monday
  18. Security
  19. Life
  20. xXx: Return of Xander Cage
  21. Colossal
  22. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  23. Transformers: The Last Knight
  24. Ni’ihau
  25. Little America
  26. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  27. Arrival
  28. Silence
  29. Deadpool
  30. Sausage Party
  31. Doctor Strange 
  32. Birth of the Dragon
  33. Hacksaw Ridge
  34. Come Together
  35. Now You See Me 2 
  36. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
  37. Suicide Squad
  38. Ride Along 2
  39. Office Christmas Party
  40. The Gate
  41. The Great Wall
  42. Magnificent 7
  43. The Edge of Seventeen
  44. War Dogs
  45. La La Land
  46. Central Intelligence
  47. The Asian Connection
  48. Paterson
  49. The Accountant
  50. Kubo and the Two Strings
  51. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  52. Kickboxer: Vengeance
  53. Army of One
  54. Star Trek: Beyond
  55. The Big Short
  56. Star Wars: Force Awakens
  57. Slow West
  58. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
  59. Terminator Genisys 
  60. No Escape 
  61. Spectre
  62. Jurassic World
  63. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  64. Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest 
  65. Entourage
  66. Blackhat
  67. Focus
  68. Jurassic World
  69. Look Who’s Back
  70. Furious 7
  71. The Martian
  72. Creed
  73. The Invitation
  74. Ant-Man
  75. Power/Rangers
  76. The Duff
  77. Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance
  78. 7 Days in Hell
  79. Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon
  80. Lucy
  81. Magic in the Moonlight
  82. Birdman
  83. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  84. Unbroken
  85. Edge of Tomorrow 
  86. The Interview
  87. 22 Jump Street
  88. John Wick
  89. Everly
  90. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  91. The Guest
  92. The Mazerunner
  93. Frank
  94. Kid Cannabis
  95. A Fairly Odd Summer
  96. Walk of Shame
  97. Asian School Girls
  98. Revenge of the Green Dragons
  99. Bad Johnson
  100. Transformers: Age of Extinction
  101. Left Behind
  102. Seventh Son
  103. X+Y
  104. The Wolverine
  105. Kick-Ass 2
  106. Olympus Has Fallen
  107. Filth
  108. Gravity
  109. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear 
  110. Make Your Move 
  111. Red 2
  112. 47 Ronin
  113. The Double
  114. About Time
  115. Unhung Hero
  116. Only God Forgives
  117. Lone Survivor
  118. Iron Man 3
  119. The Hangover Part III
  120. Fast & Furious 6
  121. The Internship
  122. Dallas Buyers Club
  123. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  124. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  125. 21 & Over
  126. R.I.P.D.
  127. Rapture-Palooza
  128. Chink
  129. Pacific Rim
  130. Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare
  131. Shadow People
  132. A Stranger in Paradise
  133. The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone
  134. The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody
  135. Men in Black 3
  136. Ted
  137. Cloud Atlas
  138. Red Dawn
  139. Pitch Perfect
  140. Safe
  141. The Man with the Iron Fists
  142. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
  143. Skyfall
  144. 21 Jump Street 
  145. Prometheus
  146. The Dictator
  147. The Bourne Legacy
  148. Looper
  149. Total Recall
  150. The Master
  151. Premium Rush
  152. Flowers of War
  153. FDR: American Badass!
  154. The Detention of the Dead
  155. Branded
  156. Goon
  157. Grave Encounters 2
  158. John Dies at the End
  159. Real Steel 
  160. No Strings Attached
  161. Contagion 
  162. The Candidate 
  163. Cars 2
  164. The Tree ofLife
  165. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  166. Limitless
  167. The Hangover Part II
  168. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  169. Zookeeper
  170. Bangkok Dangerous
  171. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  172. Sucker Punch
  173. Dirty Movie
  174. The Green Hornet
  175. Thor
  176. From Paris with Love
  177. Inception
  178. Easy A
  179. Tomorrow, When the War Began
  180. She’s Out of My League
  181. The Karate Kid
  182. Fair Game
  183. TEKKEN
  184. Resident Evil: Afterlife
  185. Jonah Hex
  186. Furry Vengeance
  187. Black Dynamite
  188. (500) Days of Summer 
  189. Push
  190. The Hangover 
  191. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
  192. The Cove
  193. Up
  194. Dragonball Evolution
  195. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  196. Crank: High Voltage
  197. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  198. A Serious Man
  199. John Rabe
  200. Mao’s Last Dancer
  201. To Save A Life
  202. Hanger
  203. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  204. Good Hair
  205. Watchmen
  206. Gran Torino
  207. Rambo
  208. Tropic Thunder
  209. The Day the Earth Stood Still
  210. Blindness
  211. 21 
  212. Iron Man
  213. Hancock
  214. The Dark Knight
  215. Street Kings
  216. Pineapple Express
  217. Twilight
  218. Bangkok Dangerous
  219. Sex and the City
  220. Blonde and Blonder
  221. Role Models
  222. The Forbidden Kingdom
  223. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  224. Get Smart
  225. Half-Life
  226. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  227. W. 
  228. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 
  229. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
  230. Balls of Fury
  231. The Number 23
  232. Disturbia
  233. Rush Hour 3
  234. Superbad
  235. The Invincible Iron Man
  236. Sunshine 
  237. War
  238. Norbit
  239. Ocean’s Thirteen
  240. American Gangster
  241. Hack!
  242. Boarding Gate
  243. Nanking
  244. Shanghai Baby
  245. Grindhouse
  246. The Departed
  247. Crank
  248. X-Men: The Last Stand
  249. Casino Royale
  250. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  251. Ultraviolet
  252. Scary Movie 4
  253. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
  254. Exit 38
  255. Razor Sharp
  256. Cloud 9
  257. The Cutting Edge: Going for Gold
  258. Thank You for Smoking
  259. Batman Begins
  260. Kicking & Screaming
  261. Elektra
  262. Unleashed
  263. 3 Needles
  264. Faith of My Father
  265. Memoirs of a Geisha
  266. Constantine
  267. Hitch
  268. Little Fish
  269. Team America: World Police
  270. Crash
  271. Mean Girls
  272. Catwoman
  273. Collateral
  274. The Perfect Score
  275. C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America
  276. Ocean’s Twelve
  277. Sorry for Kung Fu
  278. The Stepford Wives
  279. Alfie
  280. G.O.R.A.
  281. The Manchurian Candidate
  282. Lost in Translation
  283. The Last Samurai
  284. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  285. School of Rock
  286. The Matrix Reloaded
  287. Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding
  288. The Matrix Revolutions
  289. Out for a Kill
  290. Japanese Story
  291. Fear and Trembling
  292. Die Another Day
  293. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
  294. The Transporter 
  295. Gangs of New York
  296. Minority Report
  297. One Hour Photo
  298. Dirty Pretty Things
  299. Samouraïs
  300. The Quiet American
  301. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
  302. Saving Silverman
  303. The Fast and the Furious
  304. Pearl Harbor
  305. How High
  306. Silent Force
  307. Rush Hour 2
  308. Kiss of the Dragon
  309. Swordfish
  310. Monkeybone
  311. The Royal Tenenbaums
  312. Donnie Darko
  313. Ocean’s Eleven
  314. Romeo Must Die
  315. Art of War
  316. The Family Man
  317. Chain of Command
  318. Fight Club
  319. Eyes Wide Shut
  320. The Boondock Saints
  321. eXistenZ
  322. Bridge of Dragons
  323. Anna and the King
  324. The Corruptor
  325. Man on the Moon
  326. Rush Hour
  327. The Big Lebowski
  328. Mulan
  329. Enemy of the State
  330. Lethal Weapon 4
  331. The Truman Show
  332. American History X
  333. Slappy and the Stinkers
  334. Donnie Brasco
  335. Austin Powers: The International Man of Mystery
  336. Contact
  337. Good Will Hunting
  338. The Fifth Element
  339. Bloodsport III
  340. Johnny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects 
  341. The Game
  342. Grosse Pointe Blank
  343. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
  344. Red Corner
  345. McHale’s Navy
  346. Seven Years in Tibet
  347. The Pest
  348. Fargo
  349. Danger Zone
  350. From Dusk Till Dawn
  351. Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite 
  352. The Phantom
  353. The Cable Guy
  354. Picture Bride
  355. The Usual Suspects
  356. Beyond Rangoon
  357. Strange Days
  358. Nixon
  359. La Senorita Lee
  360. Father of the Bride Part II
  361. The Hunted
  362. Casino
  363. Mortal Kombat
  364. Tank Girl
  365. Midnight Man
  366. Bad Company
  367. Thunder in Paradise 3
  368. Leon: The Professional
  369. The Seventh Floor
  370. Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor 
  371. Double Happiness
  372. The Shadow
  373. Pulp Fiction
  374. The Next Karate Kid
  375. Speed
  376. A Deadly Target
  377. Joy Luck Club
  378. Robocop 3
  379. Menace II Society
  380. Wayne’s World 2
  381. Rising Sun
  382. Falling Down
  383. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
  384. Johnny’s Golden Quest 
  385. The Ballad of Little Jo
  386. Talons of the Eagle
  387. The Lover
  388. American Me
  389. Kickboxer 3: Art of War 
  390. Showdown in Little Tokyo
  391. Double Impact
  392. Samurai Cop
  393. A Thousand Pieces of Gold
  394. Father of the Bride 
  395. Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
  396. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
  397. Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis
  398. Mystery Date
  399. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  400. Come See the Paradise
  401. Goodfellas
  402. Gremlins 2:The New Batch
  403. Jacob’s Ladder
  404. Tango and Cash
  405. License to Kill
  406. Kickboxer
  407. UHF
  408. Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects
  409. Gleaming the Cube
  410. Black Rain
  411. Do the Right Thing
  412. The Last Warrior
  413. The Vineyard
  414. The Karate Kid Part III
  415. Family Business
  416. Rambo: First Blood Part II
  417. Bloodsport
  418. Die Hard
  419. Braddock: Missing in Action III
  420. Bulletproof
  421. Twins
  422. Full Metal Jacket
  423. Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise
  424. Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
  425. China Girl
  426. Good Morning, Vietnam
  427. Robocop
  428. Platoon
  429. Big Trouble in Little China
  430. Police Academy 3: Back in Training
  431. Kung Fu: The Movie
  432. The Karate Kid Part II
  433. The Golden Child
  434. Armed Response
  435. Field of Dishonor
  436. The Goonies
  437. Missing in Action 2: The Beginning
  438. Year of the Dragon
  439. Pray For Death
  440. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
  441. Sixteen Candles
  442. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  443. The Karate Kid
  444. Missing In Action
  445. Revenge of the Nerds
  446. Gremlins
  447. Once Upon a Time in America
  448. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  449. A Christmas Story
  450. Zelig
  451. Girls of the White Orchid
  452. High Road to China
  453. The Last Ninja
  454. Blade Runner
  455. First Blood
  456. The Year of Living Dangerously
  457. Conan the Barbarian
  458. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  459. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  460. Hardly Working
  461. Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
  462. Thief 
  463. Flash Gordon
  464. The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu
  465. The Final Countdown
  466. Airplane! 
  467. Apocalypse Now
  468. The Deer Hunter
  469. Revenge of Pink Panther
  470. The World’s Greatest Lover
  471. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  472. Network
  473. Murder by Death
  474. The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
  475. One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing
  476. Chinatown
  477. The Green Hornet
  478. The Bunny Caper
  479. The Man with the Golden Gun
  480. The Godfather Part II
  481. Lost Horizon
  482. The Carey Treatment
  483. McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  484. Escape from the Planet of the Apes
  485. The Aristocats
  486. The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go
  487. The Castle of Fu Manchu 
  488. The Blood of Fu Manchu 
  489. The Green Berets
  490. Rosemary’s Baby
  491. You Only Live Twice
  492. Belle de Jour
  493. The Vengeance of Fu Manchu
  494. Invasion 
  495. The Brides of Fu Manchu
  496. 7 Women
  497. The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation
  498. The Face of Fu Manchu
  499. The Return of Mr. Moto
  500. Genghis Khan
  501. Goldfinger
  502. 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 
  503. Dr. No
  504. The Manchurian Candidate
  505. Satan Never Sleeps
  506. Brushfire
  507. Majority of One
  508. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  509. Flower Drum Song
  510. Terror of the Tongs
  511. The Mountain Road
  512. Five Gates of Hell
  513. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
  514. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  515. China Gate
  516. Sayonara
  517. The Teahouse of the August Moon
  518. The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
  519. The King and I
  520. The Conqueror
  521. Love is a Many-Splendored Thing
  522. Blood Alley
  523. The Left Hand of God
  524. Bad Day at Black Rock
  525. Three Came Home
  526. Tokyo Joe 
  527. The Black Widow
  528. Know Your Enemy: Japan
  529. First Yank in Tokyo
  530. The Red Dragon
  531. The Jade Mask
  532. Ziegfeld Follies
  533. Scarlet Clue
  534. Anna and the King of Siam
  535. Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
  536. Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat
  537. Black Magic
  538. The Purple Heart
  539. The Dragon Seed
  540. Der Fuehrer’s Face
  541. Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs
  542. You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap 
  543. Little Tokyo, U.S.A.
  544. Puss n’ Toots
  545. Prisoner of Japan
  546. Shanghai Gesture
  547. The Phantom of Chinatown
  548. Drums of Fu Manchu
  549. The Mystery of Mr. Wong
  550. Island of Lost Men
  551. Moto’s Last Warning
  552. Moto in Danger Island
  553. Moto Takes a Vacation
  554. Mysterious Mr. Moto
  555. Moto Takes a Chance
  556. Moto’s Gamble
  557. Think Fast, Mr. Moto
  558. Thank You, Mr. Moto
  559. The Good Earth
  560. San Francisco
  561. Limehouse Blues
  562. Mysterious Mr. Wong
  563. The Painted Veil
  564. The Bitter Tea of General Yen
  565. The Son of Kong
  566. The Mask of Fu Manchu
  567. Shanghai Express
  568. The Secrets of Wu Sin
  569. The Hatchet Man
  570. Daughter of the Dragon
  571. Chinatown After Dark
  572. The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu
  573. The Mysterious Mr. Fu Manchu
  574. Mr. Wu
  575. The Thief of Bagdad
  576. Broken Blossoms
  577. The Forbidden City
  578. Madame Butterfly
  579. The Cheat